The Art of Crochet Blankets Book Review

2018 really is the year of the crochet book!  Today, I am so pleased to tell you all about The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Carmona.

The Art of Crochet Blankets

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

Rachele Carmona, (perhaps you know her as Cypress Textiles from her blog or Instagram), is a super prolific crochet pattern designer.  Like me, Rachele loves to design blankets, however, her approach is very different to mine.  While she does design squares, she’s known for her other shapes and innovative all in one blankets constructed in new and interesting ways.  And her book shows that so well.

What’s in the Book

I love the idea behind The Art of Crochet Blankets.  You see, rather than just supply fun patterns, Rachele has started with the work of artists as the inspiration for the designs.  There are six artists featured in the book (each works in a different medium) and there are 3 crochet patterns inspired by the work of each artist.  Such a cool idea.

As well as the wonderful crochet patterns, Rachele takes you through her design process for using each artist’s work as inspiration.  As a designer myself, I found it very interesting to read.

I was drawn to several of the blanket patterns in the book.  I mean, how much does this one scream me?  The blues!  Such lovey blues. The Northener pattern was inspired by the work in cement tiles by Caitlin Dowe-Sandes.

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

Image credit F+W Media

Another blanket that took my fancy was the Boho Desert, inspired by the fabric design of April Rhodes.  Such a stunning mixture of shape and colour.  A great way to fill a rectangle!

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

Image credit F+W Media

The last one I’ll share with you is Ombre Stripe, inspired by the famous quilt and fabric designer, Tula Pink.  I think it’s those blues that drew me in again initially, but what I love about this one is the thought and planning of yarn that goes into it’s construction.  Very cool.

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

Image credit F+W Media

Each pattern has everything you need to know – finished size, yarn needs, hook size, notions needed and gauge info.  If there are any special stitches or techniques needed, they are explained at the start of the pattern.

The patterns are in written form, with diagrams for layouts and colours, charts for some patterns and a lot of explanation of the construction.  There are many different construction methods used throughout the book and you will find them all explained fully.

At the end of the book, there are some great references like special techniques explained in diagram and written format that cover joining, changing colour, adding edge stitches and finishing tips.

There is also a full list of abbreviations used as well as a glossary and key for the charts.

At the end of the book, Rachele has her lovely thank yous and a little about herself as well as yarn information.

What I made

So while I don’t have time at the moment to start a new project, I did have to make something from the book so I could give you my thoughts on the patterns.  I chose the Colour Garden inspired by paper cutting artist Maud Vantours.

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

Image credit F+W Media

I chose it because I am a sucker for a crocheted flower and also the fact that it was small motifs joined up – my favourite way to make a blanket.   Rachele gives you the option to join as you go (she’s pretty famous for this!) and includes a pattern for a half hexi to fill in the edges.

Art of Crochet book by Rachele Caroma (5)

The patterns worked up no problem at all.  Sure, Rachele does things differently to me, but I had no issue working from the written pattern as you can see.

Where can you get it?

So have you decided you’d like to get The Art of Crochet Blankets?  I think it’s a good one to have as it’s so different to so many other crochet books out there.  There’s a lot to learn and apply to your other makes as well.

The Art of Crochet Blankets is available from Amazon (US Amazon link) but also other Amazons around the world.  Search you local one and I am sure you will find it.

The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Caroma

xx Shelley

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  1. Jeanette Casey

    Thanks for the review Shelley have just ordered this book have a pattern on download from her but will be so much better to hold actual book. Girls from my crochet group are all enjoying your book


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