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Hi folks!

Are you ready for some more  Crochet-Along fun! I have loved seeing your take on my Melbourne pattern popping up about the place.

All the info and links to previous patterns for the CAL can be found on the CAL-Crochet-A-Long website.

Sydney Pattern

Let’s meet my second pattern for the CAL – Sydney. If you squint your eyes a bit you may be reminded of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the lacy parts and the Sydney Opera House in the centre and outer corners. 😉

Syndey pattern by Shelley Husband 2016 3



This pattern is a bit more complex than last week’s, but you can do it!   It will be 12″ in worsted weight or 10 ” in 8 ply (DK/light worsted). I’ll give you tips down below if you need to adjust for size which is possible as there are so many variables involved.  It’s ok – we can make it work!

Syndey pattern by Shelley Husband 2016 2

The pattern was designed for single colour,  but you can change it up if you wish.  Notes on how to change colour most effectively are down below.

The pattern has round by round photos for you to refer to if needed.


The pattern can be downloaded right here – just click the name of the version you’d like.  As always, my pattern is available in both US & UK terms, plus the pattern has been translated into many languages.Thanks so much to all the hard working translators!

English : UK Terms    US Terms – link fixed – sorry!

Danish  Dutch  Finnish  French  German

Hebrew  Korean   Polish – coming soon  Spanish  Swedish

Ravelry Link

Hints and Tips

Starting Chains

The ch 3 starting chains count as the first st.  When starting a round with a sc, I don’t instruct you to do a ch 1 first as you may be used to, but you can do that it it makes it easier for you to join up to that first sc.  If you do that, that ch 1 starting chain does NOT count as a stitch.

Syndey pattern by Shelley Husband 2016 8


I have a YouTube channel that has short and sweet how to videos for all stitches and techniques used in this pattern. Here are the links for the ones used in this time around :

sc = single crochet YouTube Video
(dc or double crochet in UK terms)

dc = double crochet YouTube Video
tr or treble crochet in UK terms)

hdc = half double crochet YouTube Video
(htr = half treble crochet UK terms)

tr = triple crochet You Tube Video
dtr or double treble crochet UK terms)

fp = front post stitches YouTube Video

standing st (for starting new colour) YouTube Video

false dc = false double crochet.  While the pattern uses the standard ch 3 in place of the first dc (ch 4 for first tr), in reality I use a false stitch instead as I find it stands out less.  It is fiddly to learn, but I think it’s worth the effort to learn. YouTube Video

Front post stitches

When a stitch abbreviation has “fp” in front of it, it means instead of working the stitch into the top of the next stitch as you usually would, you work the stitch around the post of the the next stitch from the front. It’s a technique you’ll use with dc, hdc & sc (US terms) in this pattern.

My tips for working front post stitches are :

  • when working front post stitch, pull up a loop longer than you would if working into a st
  • fold your work away from yourself to make the post easier to insert your hook under

Where to work front post stitch Fran Mystery CAL by Shelley Husband

Changing Colour

If changing colours while the pattern is still round, attach your yarn with a standing stitch or your preferred method  to a different stitch to where you ended the last round.  If you’re changing colours after it goes square, ch the same number of sts as other corners of the round and end with a ss. Using a different corner all helps add to the seamless look.


You’re Sydney square should be about 12″ but if it’s not, here’s what you can do :

  • if it’s just a little too big, leave off the last round.
  • if it’s more than a little too big, there’s not a lot of wriggle room at the end of this pattern, so a hook size smaller may be your answer
  • If it’s only a little bit too small, blocking may be all you need.  No fancy equipment needed, just pin out to size and squirt it with steam from your iron.
  • if it’s more than a little too small, depending how much you need to add, make another round or 2 of sc, or if it’s a fair bit smaller, an extra round of dc before the sc rounds.

Wonky Sydneys

It’s perfectly normal for your Sydney to be a wobbly.  It’s because of the built in sections that act a bit like shock absorbers.  Those lacy parts in the circle and the skipped stitches in the 3rd last round act as wriggle room to flatten things out when you block your work.  Here’s a photo of an unblocked and a blocked Sydney.  It’s worth the few minutes it takes.  Honest.

Sydney pattern by Shelley Husband unblocked vs blocked

I think that’s it.  For help about how I write my patterns, please check out the notes in the Melbourne post. For general help, please check out the CAL tips post as it may answer your question.  For help specific to this pattern, feel free to ask in the CAL Facebook Group and tag me (Shelley Husband), comment here on this post, tag a pic on Instagram with #patternbyspincushions, email me – whatever you like and I’ll help you out as soon as I can.

Melbourne and Sydney Patterns for friends around the world CAL

Well that’s all from me for this CAL.  I hope you’ve enjoyed playing with my patterns.  Feel free to have a poke around the blog and check out my other patterns.  I have free patterns, ebooks, pattern shop and even a free crochet app!  Or, if you’d like to stay up to date with what I’m up to, sign up for my newsletter for a monthly dose of crochet fun.

xx Shelley


10 thoughts on “Sydney Free Pattern

  1. Cindy

    Shelley, this is beautiful!! I immediately clicked on the US Terms to download the pattern and it brought up the UK terms pattern. Not a big deal but thought you’d like to know. 🙂

  2. Bonnie

    I clicked on the US Terms and the UK pdf downloaded. Your patterns are beautiful and just wanted to bring this to your attention Thank you!

  3. Sheila

    Just found you, and am enjoying looking at your squares…
    Seeing as I live not far from Sydney I will have to get my crochet hook working

  4. Sherrie

    Thank you so much again, for another wonderful square! I love your work so much. I appreciate all the hard work you put into your amazing patterns and for sharing it with all of us. I wish I could hug you… Hugs from California!


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