Sydney 2018! What a fun visit

A month or so ago, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Sydney running workshops all over the place. I had a ball.

I thought you might like to see and hear a little more about it.  I remembered to take photos most of the time, unusual for me!

I was there for 9 days and did 10 workshops in that time.  Sounds like a lot, but I scheduled in breaks and made sure I didn’t get up to mischief at night so, while I was tired by the end, I wasn’t shattered.

First up, I visited the Knitters Guild NSW in the city centre – walking distance from my hotel.  I did 2 workshops over the day with 10 folks in each class.  We went through the making of the Melbourne square from the book that is the basis of the Melbourne Wrap.  Everyone was so welcoming and kind.  It was a lovely way to begin my Sydney adventures.

On the next day, I went to the wonderful Happenstore.  I even used Uber for the first time to get there!  haha. I am such a country bumpkin!  What can I say about The Happenstore?  Well Kath and Tash are two of the loveliest humans you could ever meet and the space they have created is just bliss for any yarny/crafty/art/food loving person.  I again taught the Melbourne Square but with more focus on making the Melbourne Wrap.  There was a lot of yummy yarn shopping just for the workshop and some wonderful Melbourne Wraps began their construction.

Monday I planned as a day off, but co-incidentally one of my wonderful testers- Judy, who has tested patterns for me for many years and also made the Melbourne Wrap sample for the book for me, happened to be in Sydney with some free time!  We had never met before as we both live quite rurally in different states.  So we took the opportunity to meet up!  We wandered around Circular Quay, the Rocks, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  So lovely to meet in person!  After I left, Judy I did a tour of the Opera House on my own which I really enjoyed too.

Tuesday was a busy day!  I hopped on a train out to the Blue Mountains to do a private workshop for a group of ladies.  You see, the timing wasn’t right for the local yarn shop where I wanted to do workshops, so the lovely Tracey opened her home to me and her group of crocheting friends. We made a start on the Mayan blanket motif and had a lot of fun!

That night, I returned to The Happenstore for another Melbourne Wrap workshop with a new group of ladies.  We workshoped in a different part of the store this time as the regular Tuesday Night sit and craft session was also on at the same time.  We even had bubbly!  No photos!  Oops!

In the morning, I was back at The Happenstore in the morning but this time it was just for fun!  I got to sit and chat and craft with the Wednesday morning craft group.  I really enjoyed it and could have stayed all day, but I had another workshop to do in the afternoon. It was then time to say goodbye to Tash and Kath.

I was back on the train but down south this time to Loftus where the amazing Crafty Hive run by Angela and her crew is.  Boy did I feel like a rockstar!  I was treated with homemade scones with lemon curd and cream as well as a lovely bunch of flowers and a bee crocheted by Angela’s daughter for me.  We did the Melbourne square in the workshop and had a lot of fun too!

Thursday was another day off of workshops, but I did a bit of admin, catching up on emails etc before I headed out to Skein Sisters to pick up some yarn I needed for the classes I was running on the weekend.  I caught up with the lovely Tina, Linda and Janine and also bought the yarn for my next knit project.  Woohoo.

Friday was a super fun day – albeit super rainy!  Of all the days I needed to catch a ferry!  It was a bit thrilling riding the small ferry over to Manly, riding the ups and downs of the big swell!  I met Gaille, the editor of the Indie Road magazine for brunch before heading to the sweetest yarn shop, The Cast Off Collective. Wendy has the most delightful space filled with the most lovely yarn.  A lovely group of ladies made the Melbourne square and ate some delicious home made cake!

Friday night was a bit of fun for me as again co-incidentally, SiewBee who is my tech editor and proof reader and has tested a lot of my patterns happened to be in Sydney so we caught up for dinner!  That was great to sit and chat.  Even though we live no where near each other, we had met briefly before but this was great to be able to really catch up.

My night wasn’t over after dinner!  You see, Jo and Paula who are the people behind Crafty Adventures at Sea were in Sydney too!  They’re the folks who’ve asked me to be a part of their cruise to Hobart in January to teach crochet.  Well, their inaugural cruise was leaving the next day from Sydney so I popped in to their hotel to crash their dinner as the excitement was building for all the folks going on that cruise. That was fun!

The weekend was full of workshops at Skein Sisters!  Saturday I did 2 workshops. The first was for complete crochet novices teaching them how to crochet a granny square.  Boy there were some naturals in that class!  Shelley went home and made this the same night!  She came back the next day to get more yarn!

After lunch, the next group crocheted some flower squares from the book.  So fun!   And then, on Sunday, the last workshop of the trip was all about how to read patterns and charts.  Everyone did really well!  The shop is FULL of the most delicious yarn, so it’s impossible to walk out without something.

And that was that!  I was off to the airport to fly on home.

I honestly had the best time.  It’s always fun to spend time with folks into the same stuff you are, so 9 days full of that – well you can imagine I am sure.

Everywhere I went I was surrounded by joy and fun.  I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

xx Shelley

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