Siren’s Atlas – 52 New Crochet Patterns

Hi folks!

The Siren’s Atlas Collection is your map to my year-long creative journey. This collection of patterns for 52 different crochet squares is the result of a challenge I set for myself: to create a new original square motif every week for a year.

SIren's Atlas by Shelley Husband


Siren’s Atlas

I named all the patterns after seas and oceans of the world. I wonder if any are near you?  The name Siren’s Atlas came from musing about how a Siren would navigate the oceans and seas looking for sailors to sing to.  Surely she’d needed a map or 2?  And so Siren’s Atlas it is!

Each pattern in the collection produces a 6” square to be used however you please. Use a single square as the centrepiece of a bag, choose a few favourites and combine them for a blanket, or follow in my footsteps and make them all in your favourite colourway!

26 weeks of 52 done by Shelley Husband 2016

Every pattern includes clearly written instructions, a chart, round-by-round photos, and a page of hints and tips to help you through any tricky bits. In addition, you’ll get a link to a private video tutorial where I take you through each round.

How can I get the patterns?

You choose how you want your Siren’s Atlas Collection delivered. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the entire collection (and you like a bargain), choose the complete collection option for immediate access to all 52 patterns.  Or, the monthly subscription option gets you a new pattern every week for a year, delivered via email with a download link. If you’d like to pick and choose some patterns from the collection, you can do that too.

Complete Siren’s Atlas Collection

The best value for money option is the Complete Collection which grants you immediate access to all 52 patterns as soon as you purchase.  Simply select your preferred terms from the drop down box below and hit buy now.

 Monthly Subscription Option


If the complete collection in one go is not for you, then my budget friendly monthly subscription may suit. No matter when you subscribe, as long as your subscription stays current, you will receive an email to download a new pattern each week for 52 weeks.

Subscribe for A$9.95 per month for 12 months by clicking on the button below with your preferred terms.


Individual Siren’s Atlas Patterns

Arafura from Siren's Atlas by Shelley Husband



Each of the 52 patterns in the Siren’s Atlas Collection is available on it’s own.  So if there’s a single pattern or more that you simple must have, head to the shoppable Siren’s Atlas Catalogue page to grab the ones you want.





I want you to be successful making the Siren’s Atlas patterns so I have provided all of these things for each and every pattern :

  • a clearly written pattern
  • a link to a private video of me taking you through each round
  • a chart
  • round by round photos
  • a hints and tips page with photos and explanations of anything unusual or a bit tricky
  • the written instructions that can be printed alone to save paper

I am always available to help if you need any extra support though and my contact details are also included in each pattern.

So are you going for a journey around the seas of the world?  I am sure you’ll have a lovely crochet adventure if you do.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page or email me here.

I loved creating this collection. It’s one of the things I am most proud of as a crochet designer. I hope you love it as much as I do and it becomes a crochet resource for you for many years to come.

xx Shelley

12 thoughts on “Siren’s Atlas – 52 New Crochet Patterns

  1. WolfLover

    This sounds REALLY exciting! I have loved ALL of your designs! Thank you so much and God bless your creativity!


  2. Kate

    Gosh, I have just had a look through all the months, and what amazing designs!!So far I have 13 favorites!
    Looking forward to next year.
    Thank you ?

  3. Dani

    Hi! Where can I find the beautiful chevron blanket pattern (that you posted on your Instagram page) on your website?



  4. Carol McGaffigan

    Hi I have made numerous attempt to access your video tutorial on u tube with out success other people have tried with no results please help I’m very frustrated thanks carol

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Hi Carol 🙂

      I am sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing a video. Can you please tell me which video if causing you grief? Links to all the Siren’s Atlas patterns are in the pattern PDFs as clickable links so if there’s a problem with one or more I need to fix them.


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