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Newsletters go out once a once every two weeks. WIP Wednesday I share with you my progress on a Work in Progress which often spurs me on to finish!  This ‘n That Thursday covers lots of things – free patterns, crochet book reviews, tutorials, deep thoughts.  This one is usually a long one!

If you choose, you can also decide to sign up to the CAL emails.  I usually have one running or I’m planning one. The 2018 CAL will be in the second half of 2018. This is the last one I ran – The Mayan CAL.  You can find the ebook for it here. You can find all past CALs here.

Mayan Crochet Blanket by Shelley HusbandSb2

The CAL emails may be more frequent but never more than weekly.

GREG by Shelley Husband complete

The GREG Mystery CAL from 2015

The other option is the Siren’s Atlas box.  I am not sending any more of these as the patterns have all been released and will be removing that list soon.  You can read about it here.

I may add other options in the future, but if you’re signed up the the main newsletter, you’ll always be in the know if any new options pop up.

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GREG Crochet Blanket by Shelley Husband


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