You say the nicest things!


Are you wondering if my patterns are for you?  Well here are some lovely words by folks who’ve played with my patterns that might help you decide to have a go.  I hope you’ll feel the same once you try a pattern or 2! Thanks so much to all who’ve contacted me with such loveliness.  It makes my heart swell 🙂

Lots of lovely reviews have been left over in my shop.  You can read them here.

General Niceness

“Shelley’s patterns are thorough and very well explained, even for a novice like me. The pictures and detailed steps guide anyone to accomplish the patterns. If you ever have a question, Shelley will take the time to help you and answer your questions in detail. She cares that you are successful in following her patterns. And, if you have not noticed, her work is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!” – Liliana C 

“Shelley’s patterns are very easy to follow and the results are exquisite!!! The photos help with any questions you may have and if not there, you can find answers on her blog and if not, go directly to Shelley … she will respond quickly and make you feel special!!!” – Adrienne LZ

“Shelley does an amazing job ensuring each pattern has both UK and US instructions as well as step-by-step photos to help you along the way!” – Bryanne T

“Your patterns are always a pleasure to follow. Easy to understand and never seen a mistake yet.” – Michelle C

Pattern Specific Loveliness

Granny Square Crochet for Beginners

“This is a very well-written crochet eBook. The index makes it clear exactly what you will find in the book. The writing is well-done with certain things like stitch abbreviations set in bold typeface. It has colored photos to go along with almost every step and links you can click to go back to steps within the book if you missed them or didn’t understand them very well. As an added bonus you also get links to supplemental videos that are on Vimeo that show you how to do certain stitches. These videos are also well-done, clear and to the point so you learn quickly. The author has put a lot of time and effort into writing this book. I have written eBooks so I know just how much goes into writing, editing and making sure everything is correct. Well done!” – Sweeties Reviews on Amazon

“Precise, easy-to-follow instructions with lots of helpful pictures. Highly recommended for new crocheters or anyone wanting to learn the traditional granny square.” – Seester on Amazon

“This book made it easy for me to crochet my first real project. It took me two days to learn the stitches and finish my first granny square. Get this book. It’s great. It’s free. And it doesn’t suck. You’ll learn how to start reading a pattern too.” – Adrayssa on Amazon

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Download it free here.

More than  a Granny ebooks

“I’m doing Kaboom and also Florid from More Than a Granny 2 – have learned new stitches from both and love the way the stitches come together to make the beautiful patterns. Really like Shelley’s work and have also purchased More Than a Granny and Flowers Abound. If you enjoy crochet – you’ll enjoy Shelley’s patterns. Never boring” Heather K

“This is such a fun book. It takes you beyond a Granny Squares and shows you how much fun making squares can be. I used to hate granny squares as I found them so boring but making squares using the concept is so much fun. And the instructions are very easy to follow with videos if needed. Thank you Shelley for the book.” – ACLD on Amazon

“Really well written instructions and great patterns. Love it! The author is available on several different social sites – FB, Instagram, Blog/web and also responds very quickly to queries and is very friendly. She gives excellent service and is really passionate about what she does. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to crochet variations of the Granny Squares” – Heth on Amazon

“I am really glad I purchased this e/ book it was very well done and all the patterns are gorgeous they look very intricate and they are but it all gets explained and the author gives you tips and and shows you almost step by step so any one can try and succeed. I liked this shook so much that I am looking to collect all the other ebooks this author has. Very impressed it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. Anyone who thinks they know granny Squares and are tired of the same old give this book a try , you will not be disappointed.” – IK on Amazon

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You can find the ebooks  here.

Flowers Abound ebook

“After doing the 10 free patterns of Flowers Abound I just had to buy the e-book with the additional 10 patterns, I got totally hooked.
A great improvement in my personal skills is the seamless crochet Shelley teaches, the squares look so neat with this technique. I gave my finished blanket to my mother, so I started another one to keep for myself.” – Donna C

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You can find the ebook in US & UK terms here.

Greg Crochet Blanket Pattern

“I have participated in the GREG & FRAN CALs and have also used Groovin’ pattern. I love everything about how you operate – the simplicity and style of your patterns that are suitable (yet extend the skills) for newbies like me, easy to follow instructions with step by step pictures, your seamless finishes, but most importantly your humility, grace and good humour when asked for help. Thank you for introducing me the world of beautiful BWM yarns and monochrome colourways! In short, you are just one amazingly talented and wonderful human being!!” – Khursheed W

“I have recently started on my Greg Blanket. Each block poses its own new challenge – but in a fun way. This is my first time using an eBook and I really like the layout of this book. As each new pattern is introduced, there is a quick link to tips that may be helpful in finishing the block as well as clear row-by-row photos for a visual reference. There is then a quick link back to the pattern after each. I have been crocheting for a few years, but have thankfully learned a few new tricks through the author’s YouTube videos which are linked in the book as well.” – Kelly N on Amazon

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You can find the ebook here.

Fran Crochet Blanket Pattern

“I have purchased several of your ebooks. After the first I was hooked?
FRAN was my first CAL and I loved the whole experience. You have an amazing ability to educate and inspire all levels in this beautiful craft.” – Franca C

Shelley Husband’s FRAN CAL was a pleasure to complete because the instructions were clear & neatly presented. The notes at the start were very helpful & the photos at the end of what each round should look like was a fabulous help. Highly recommend her patterns.” –Barbara T

You can find the ebook here.

Kaboom Crochet Blanket Pattern

“FRAN was my first CAL and my introduction to Shelleys wonderful patterns and techniques. I’m so ‘hooked’ I’m also doing KABOOM. After that I’m going to start a GREG. I love the way the patterns are written, Shelleys way of working up in the corners and learning new stitches. Looking forward for more to come.” – Marie S

“I love your patterns. Very easy and simple to follow. I learnt moss stitch and spike stitch with the Fran cal. If there’s a part I’m unsure of I watch you on YouTube. Will always recommend your patterns. I’m currently doing a the bask cushion cover for mil and the kaboom cal. Love them.” – Natasha C

You can find the ebook here.

Aww!  So lovely!  Thanks to all who’ve said such nice things! It really does mean a lot that you’ve taken the time to say these things.

xx Shelley