Narrawong Kango-Meerteek Free Pattern

Hi folks!

I’ve mentioned here and there that I live in a tiny town on the South West Coast of Victoria, Australia. Well the name of that town is Narrawong.  As a small community, we were lucky enough to be one of the recipients of a grant from Regional Arts Victoria for the Small Towns Transformations project.


Our project is called Kango-Meerteek which means in Dhauwurd Wurrung language ‘mountain to sea’.  The project will link two permanent public art installations that will signal to each other from Mt Clay to the Narrawong Community Reserve, where the Surry River meets the Southern Ocean.  You can read more about it here while we wait for the project website to get up and running.

Narrawong top of the dunes by Shelley Husband

The ocean from the top of the dunes at Narrawong

As part of the project, some smaller, community based projects will also be happening to involve as many of us locals as possible.  That’s where I come in.

The Narrawong Pattern

I have designed a square inspired by Narrawong that I hope will be made by many locals and then we’ll turn the squares into a blanket that will be raffled in late 2017 as a fundraiser.  I’ll be attending local craft gatherings teaching the pattern with a workshop here and there too.

UPDATE : NOVEMBER 2017. We are now joining the squares into 2 blankets and they are being raffled by the Kango-Meerteek committee.  Proceeds will be go back into the Kango-Meerteek project to help the large art plan come to fruition.

Narrawong free crochet pattern by Shelley Husband

The pattern has 3 parts.  The centre represents Mount Clay which is heavily forested with lots of tress and hills that point like fingers towards the ocean.

Mount Clay State forest flowers by Shelley Husband

Narrawong hills to the sea by Shelley Husband

The middle part represents the Surry River.  It’s a lovely twisty river that sometimes doesn’t quite meet the sea which is shown by the spoke like sections, but when the rains come, it flows strongly into to sea.

Surry river almost meets the sea by Shelley Husband

The outer section represents the sea. Always there. Always a joy to gaze upon and walk beside.

Narrawong beach by Shelley Husband2

Download the Pattern

If you’d like to make a Narrawong square, you can download the pattern by clicking the button with your preferred terms below.  In the pattern you’ll find some hints and tips, a clearly written pattern, round by round photos, a chart and a link to a video of me making the square so perfect for crocheters of all skill levels.


Would you like to contribute a square?

Thanks so much – all squares have now been received.

As a community, we made squares and joined them into a blanket (or 2) raffled off at the end of 2017.  The funds raised will go towards a local Narrawong project that will enhance the enjoyment of the main 2 large artworks begin created.

Mount Clay State Forest by Shelley Husband

Mount Clay State Forest

We received squares from all around the world!   Squares were made from machine washable 100% wool in 8 ply (DK/light worsted) and measured 6″ (15 cm) in blue.

The town of Narrawong thanks you very much if you sent us a square or 2 or more!  All contributors will be publicly acknowledged in a thank you I will post here once the blanket is made.

So there you go.  I hope you can visit our little town one day and check out the wonderful natural environment and stay a while.  To tempt you a little more, here are some of the visitors we get quite regularly.

xx Shelley



14 thoughts on “Narrawong Kango-Meerteek Free Pattern

  1. Nathalie

    Thanks a lot Shelley for the free patterns, enjoyed very much looking at these lovely pictures and reading your interesting explanations. Seems to be a very nice area to live. Sadly very far away from mine… Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany
    Xx ???

  2. Nicky Jellesma

    Omg Shelly I live in Mt Gambier and would love to contribute. I am off to the Tyrendara show on Saturday. Lol

  3. Lynn M Glasscock

    Hi! When you say “late in 2017”, do you know *how* late? Just curious in New Mexico, USA. ?


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