More than a Granny – 20 Versatile Crochet Square Patterns

Hi folks!

Well, here we go!  It’s finally finished!

More than a Granny US Terms by Shelley Husband 2014

I am so pleased with how its turned out.  I hope you are too.  At the moment, the ebook is ready for pre-order at koboBarnes and Nobleitunes, Amazon, and txtr at a special reduced pre-order price. Its being rolled out to most ebook sellers over the next week or so for preorder, so check your preferred retailer to see if its there.

I am offering all my newsletter folks the chance to win a special advance copy in the next one, so if you can’t wait, sign up by the 6th of November to be in with a chance to get an early look. UPDATE : Winner now drawn 🙂

More than a granny by Shelley Husband 2014 ebook

The book has 20 x 6″ patterns with solid patterns, flowers and some manly ones too.  I give you detailed instructions, hints and tips and even links to stitch videos so you will be able to do every pattern in the book with ease. Of course, as with all my patterns, the book will be available in both US & UK terms.

More than a Granny UK Terms by Shelley Husband 2014

It will be available, ready for you to play on the 29th of November.

"Ridge" from More than a Granny

“Ridge” from More than a Granny

Throughout the book, I give suggestions for which blocks would work well together and tips for achieving the best result possible.

blocking more than a granny by shelley husband

I need to give a very special thanks to my pattern testers SiewBee, Tammy & Carmen. These ladies were so great!

Thanks also to Michelle Lorimer for designing the awesome cover for me. Love your work Michelle.

Watch your social media in the coming weeks leading up to the big release date for reviews and more chances to win a special advance copy by other folks around the world.  I am so excited!

So there you go.  Thank you so much for your support.  I hope you enjoy the ebook.

Don’t have an e-reader?  Well the good news is you don’t need one. 🙂  Once the release date has passed, the ebook will be downloadable in PDF format, which you can read in the standard Adobe PDF reader or their Digital Editions which is a like a bookshelf program.  This format will only be available from Smashwords (my digital publisher).

Some of my crochety friends have had an early peek.  If you’d like to read what they have to say about it, check out Poppy and Bliss , Three Beans in a Pod , MaRRose and Little Woollie  🙂  Thanks Michelle, Adele, Marrianne and Julie 🙂


28 thoughts on “More than a Granny – 20 Versatile Crochet Square Patterns

  1. Barbara

    I love the cover photograph! The various shades of blue and white already have me wanting to make a similar afghan.

    Congratulations on the publication of your lovely book!

  2. Gabby North

    Those ‘grannies’ look gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my copy of the book! I have pre-ordered – for the first time ever – couldn’t resist!

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Thanks Carrie! Guess what? You don’t need an e-reader! If you go to the smashwords link above, once the book is officially released, you can download a pdf version or an epub version that you can read with Adobe Digital Editions which is a free program 🙂

      1. Sandra

        Ah, I see I overlooked the question had been answered. Afraid not suitable as I really don’t want to down load adobe additions. I have previously bought brilliant ebooks which just got sent to me via email and I opened in adobe reader and saved to the computer. That is the only format I would buy in. Sorry to have troubled you.

        1. Shelley Husband Post author

          Hi Sandra 🙂 Just so you know, you can read the PDF with the normal Adobe reader as well. I mention Digital Editions as it’s a little more “book like” to view, but it’s also readable as a straight PDF 🙂 It’s no trouble. I want everyone to have a chance to play 🙂 I will update the post so everything is clearer.

      2. Carol Derbis

        If anyone is still seeing these comments (it is an older post), you don’t NEED an e-reader per se. Amazon has a free downloadable app so you can download and read any of these books on your computer. Ii do have an er-reader – but some of the books (like cookbooks, patterns, e.g. , I download to my computer.
        Easy and the software is free.
        All my (adult) kids use in on their computers as well. Just FYI.
        I’ve put your book in my “Wish List”, but I may have to give in and just go ahead and order…

        1. Shelley Husband Post author

          Thanks Carol 🙂 There are other options too, such as good old Adobe for reading PDF’s on the computer.

          I hope you enjoy it should you choose to go ahead 🙂

  3. Marietta McDaniel

    This looks like a wonderful book–but I will not order. I like to have hard copies of patterns. I’m so disappointed that you aren’t offering it as a direct download….

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Hi Marietta 🙂 Thank you 🙂 I am not sure what you mean about me not offering direct download? There are many kinds of download options for the ebook. At Smashwords for example, once the release date has passed, the ebook will be downloadable in many different formats, including PDF which is the same as pattern downloads for most sites like Ravlery. I hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Kristine (Mommy Needs Therapy)

    Love the cover art!

    I just discovered your website and am enjoying poking around. This book would be perfect for a project that I need to start this week. So sad it won’t be available until the end of the month, since I need the patterns by tomorrow.

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Thanks Kristine 🙂 If you keep your eye out, there are a few chances to win an advance copy in the weeks leading up to the launch. Three Beans has one running at the moment 🙂

  5. Sandra

    I don’t understand. Little woolie said it could be downloaded as a pdf – a true ebook. Having it on devices is not something I like as you can only see it in black and white in most readers as well as the fact often they are not formulated for the reader very well. I would only be interested in a craft book in a pdf format that I can download on my computer as although I have a kobo which is great for books with no pictures, once bitten twice shy. Little woolie mentions smashwords, what is that?! No mention of what it is or how to get to it. Thanks.

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  7. Selvin

    I have thought myself how to crochet. I’m just simply in love with the whole concept of creating those lovely patterns. I have seen beatiful patterns and wish I could learn faster; as it can get frustrating with understanding the patterns, etc… However, and I must say this, since I saw your patterns up above I have been going crazy. I, even, got all my yarns ready. What a talent you have…how lovely, and fabulous they are, simply georgous! I can’t wait to get the book. Please, let me know a.s.a.p. And, thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns..
    Have a lovely day!
    PS: I am so glad, I discovered your website 🙂

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Thank you Selvin! I’m glad you like my patterns 🙂 The More than a Granny ebook is ready to go – you can find where to get it in this post. I’ve also written another since then called “Flowers Abound” 🙂 You can find all my ebooks in the ebook tab up the top.

      Thanks again for your kind words 🙂


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