Mayan CAL Mini Taster pattern

Hi folks!

I am working away at getting the Mayan CAL ready for you but I know you are keen to start so I thought I’d let you have this little taste of the CAL while you wait. (Sign up to get CAL emails here to make sure you don’t miss it!)

MayanCALtastersquare by Shelley Husband2

This pattern is based on the centre of the main Mayan CAL pattern so you’ll really have a head start on the CAL by playing with this pattern.  It’ll also give you an bit of an insight into the way I write my patterns, if you haven’t made one of my patterns before.

Mayan CAL mini taster pattern by Shelley Husband8


Matching Gauge

This square has a couple of other uses too. If you really want to match your final Mayan CAL blanket to mine in size, you can use this pattern as your gauge swatch!  Much better than doing rows of dc/sc hey?

Just so you know, matching gauge isn’t really necessary in this case – we’re not making a garment so fit isn’t an issue, but it is important if you are relying on my yardage calculations.

If you are using this pattern as a gauge square, try the yarn and hook you think you’d like to use for the CAL and see what your final size is.  Mine is 12.5 cm (5″).  If yours is the same – bingo! You’re all set.

If it’s too small, try the pattern again using a bigger hook.  If it’s too big, use a smaller one. Keep playing until you hit the magic number.

Mayan CAL taster cm by Shelley Husband 

Make a note once you match size of the yarn and hook you used and you’ll be ready for the CAL.

Make your Mayan Blanket bigger!

Another way you can use this mini pattern is if you’d like to change the finished size of your Mayan CAL blanket. You can make a heap of these squares and add them as you like – perhaps between large squares or around the outside or both! It’s up to you.

4 of these mini squares will be the same size as the big one we’ll be making for the CAL so it’s really easy to play with layouts.

Mayan CAL mini taster pattern by Shelley Husband3

Things to note about this pattern

I will be doing videos for the CAL but I haven’t done one for this square.  The only thing that you may have an issue with is the puff stitches.  Here are my tips for doing them without swearing.

  1. Make sure you when you pull up your loops you do pull a decent length up – if you don’t you won’t be able to pull the hook through them.
    2 puff pull up by Shelley Husband
  2. When pulling your last yo through the loops, pull down on the wraps with your non-hook hand while pulling up with your hook as you pull it through.
    2 puff pull down by Shelley Husband
  3. You may need to pull through the final loop on your hook on it’s own.

Mayan CAL Mini Taster Pattern

So here is it, just click on the button with your preferred terms on it to download your copy of the pattern.


Mayan CAL Mini taster pattern by Shelley Husband

Or you can grab a copy of the pattern from my free app.


If you need help with this or any of my patterns it’s easy!

The Mayan CAL FAQ page  is where you’ll find a lot of help.

Or, head to my Facebook Group, tag a pic on Instagram  with #mayancal, pop in to my Ravelry Group or email me with your question.

Tell me more about this CAL?

You can find the main CAL info here, the CAL FAQ here, and the yarn requirements here.

These online retailers are all great for yarn shopping ;  Deramores,  Love Knitting and Wool Warehouse.

So there you go!  I hope this makes the waiting a little easier!

xx Shelley

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