Kaboom CAL FAQ

Hi folks!

This is where you’ll find all the information you need to know about the Kaboom CAL

General FAQ

What will Kaboom make?

The Kaboom CAL will make a large blanket about 52″ x 52″ (130 cm x 130 cm) using one large 20″ (51 cm) square and a cool border pattern, but yours will perhaps be bigger or smaller depending on your chosen yarn and hook combo.

Kaboom CAL by Shelley Husband 2016

When will the CAL start?

The CAL will start on Monday 26th September (AEST so that’s Sunday afternoon/night for a lot of you).  A new part will be posted every week for 8 weeks, then we’ll take a 2 week break before starting on the border. The last official CAL part will be posted 28th November.

How will I stay up to date with the CAL?

I will be posting all patterns with tips here on the blog, but to get them delivered to your inbox and make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for my monthly newsletter, making sure you check the Kaboom box.

Newsletter & CAL signup

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I’m a beginner, can I do this?

I’m going to say if you’re willing to have a go you can. If you know how to do a granny square you really do have the skills to do this – honest.  Sure there are other stitches, but they’re all very similar.  Plus, I have made videos for all parts of the CAL so you can watch me do it and have a go yourself.  AND I will be giving you lots of hints and tips with photos along the way. You’ve got this!

Kaboom CAL by Shelley Husband 2016

How much yarn will I need?

I used Luxury Wool supplied by Bendigo Woollen Mills (thank you!) to make my Kaboom.  It’s a lovely squishy 8ply/DK/light worsted machine washable wool. I used these colours – Sunrise, Tangerine, Sunflower, Leaf, Bermuda, Navy Blue, Purple Storm and Cream.

Bendigo Woollen Mills have put together a kit with all the yarn you’ll need at a very special price just for you! The kit will have 12 X 200 gram balls of Luxury Wool which is ample yarn to make the blanket and also some matching cushions I’ll be sharing with you at the end. Yay! You can get your kit here.

BWM luxury wool

Of course you can use any yarn you like.  Just be aware that your finished blanket may well be a different size.  That really doesn’t matter with this project.  Yarnsub is a great website for finding out suitable yarns to substitute, if you want to try to match closely.

To make Kaboom with the same order of colour – either ROYGBIV or VIBGYOR, in all 4 blocks, you’ll need 8 colours in these amounts ;

8 ply/DK/Light Worsted :

Colour 1 (red or violet) – 110 metres (121 yards)
Colour 2 (orange or indigo) – 154 metres (168 yards)
Colour 3 (yellow or blue) – 242 metres (265 yards)
Colour 4 (green) – 198 metres (217 yards)
Colour 5 (blue or yellow) – 286 metres (313 yards)
Colour 6 (indigo or orange) – 242 metres (265 yards)
Colour 7 (violet or red) – 198 metres (217 yards)
Neutral colour – 1,830 metres (2002 yards)

10 ply/Worsted

Colour 1 (red or violet) – 121 metres (132 yards)
Colour 2 (orange or indigo) – 169 metres (185 yards)
Colour 3 (yellow or blue) – 266 metres (291 yards)
Colour 4 (green) – 217 metres (238 yards)
Colour 5 (blue or yellow) – 314 metres (344 yards)
Colour 6 (indigo or orange) – 266 metres (291 yards)
Colour 7 (violet or red) – 217 metres (238 yards)
Neutral colour – 2,013 metres (2202 yards)

Kaboom rainbow options by Shelley Husband

If you’d like to do 2 blocks in one order, and 2 in reverse order like I did, you’ll need about 40 metres (44 yards) extra of Colours, 1 & 2 and an extra 20 metres (22 yards) of Colour 3.

Kaboom CAL by Shelley Husband 2016

But I like different colours?

That’s no problem!  You’ll have to do your own maths though to work out what you’ll need.  I am tempted to make another one myself in alternating blue & cream – looks good huh? This was what I made for the round by round photos you’ll find in the patterns. I didn’t have enough to do a complete square.

Kaboom in blue and cream by Shelley Husband

What size hook should I use?

I used a 5 mm hook with my 8 ply yarn.  You can use whatever you like with your yarn of choice. Start out with the size recommended with your yarn and see how you go. Play with different hook sizes and see which you prefer.

crochet hooks shelley husband

How will it run?

Every Monday morning (or Sunday arvo/night depending where you are) I will email the new part and also post the new part here on the blog – each with links to download the pattern.

I will also post when a new part is available on my Facebook Page and my Facebook Group, Instagram and in my Ravelry Group.  I have set up a project for Kaboom on Ravelry here.

The CAL is also being hosted by the lovely folks in the Facebook CAL Group so you’ll find links there as well.

How do I download the Pattern Part from the Blog post?

Simply click on the “download now” button that has your preferred terms.  Easy! They look like this : (nothing will happen if you click on these ones)

Spincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_download uk Spincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_download us

The pattern will open in a new tab of your internet browser.  When you move your mouse, you’ll see some icons appear in the top right corner.  Click on the down arrow to save it to your device or the print button to print it.  If you use Evernote or Dropbox, you may see an option to save it there. It will depend on your device and settings how it shows for you, but this is what it looks like for me.


Will the patterns be available in other languages?

Yes! Thanks to a very dedicated, wonderful, amazing team of volunteer translators the patterns will be translated into these languages :

Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek
Hebrew, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish

The translations will only be available via the blog posts.

Where can I get help?

So many places!  Your first place to check is the blog post about the part as I will be talking about any tricksy bits and giving hints with photos there as well as linking to the YouTube video I’ve made.  If you’re still stuck, head to the Ravelry Group, my Facebook Group, reply to a Kaboom CAL email, tag me in a photo on Instagram or reply to the relevant blog post asking your question and you’ll get the help you need.

Kaboom CAL coming soon by Shelley Husband

Do I have to make a square blanket?

Of course not! Feel free to make it rectangular – just add 2 more squares and Bob’s your Uncle!

I’ve joined late, where can I find the patterns?

Links to all the pattern parts will be on this page or in the ebook you can get here.

Will the patterns be in the Spincushions Crochet App?

Kind of. Clicking on the Blog link will be the best way to use the app to get the patterns.  I can only add patterns by updating the app which I only do once a month and I have no control over the timing of when upgrades go live, so the blog link is your best bet if using the app.

Free Spincushions Crochet App by Shelley Husband

Can I get the full pattern now?

You sure can! Well once the CAL starts anyway. I have put all the parts together in one handy ebook.  It will be available on Monday 26th September. The ebook has all the written patterns, hints and tips, round by round photos, links to the videos of all the stitches used in the pattern, PLUS it has a special bonus of the full charts for the Kaboom pattern as well.  These won’t be posted anywhere and are exclusive to the ebook. Click the button with your preferred terms below to pre-order your copy for A$4.99.

Kaboom Crochet Blanket ebook by Shelley Husband



Pattern specific FAQ

How do I read your patterns?

If this is the first time you’re using my patterns, here’s how they work.  This is the first 2 rounds from the written pattern for a traditional granny square, made my way :

Round 1

ch 3 (st ch), 2 tr, *ch 2, 3 tr*, repeat from * to * twice, ch 1, join with dc to 3rd ch of st ch.

{3 sts along each side and 4 x 2 ch sps}

Round 2

ch 3 (st ch), 2 tr over joining dc, *ch 1**, (3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr) in 2 ch sp*, repeat from * to * twice and from * to ** once, 3 tr in same sp as first sts, ch 1, join with dc to 3rd ch of st ch.

{6 sts & 1 x 1 ch sp along each side and 4 x 2 ch corner sps}

At the start, I will tell you how to begin the round, then you’ll see an asterisk.  This * indicates the beginning of a repeat.  Ignore it for now and keep working along until you get to the words “repeat from…”.  That is your cue to go back to the first * and repeat as instructed.  After the repeats are done, then I will instruct you to finish off the round.

The instructions between * and ** equal one side only.  The instructions between ** and * equal one corner.  So that means the instructions between * and * equal one side and the following corner.

The words and numbers in the curly brackets { } are the stitch count for the round.  Check this every now and then to make sure you’re on track.

Granny Squares by Shelley Husband

Why do you start and end your rounds like that?

Check out my free Granny Square Crochet for Beginners ebook, my seamless crochet tips post or my YouTube video explaining it all if you are unfamiliar with how I write my patterns.  I start each round in the middle of the corner as that helps everything look pretty much seamless. Checking out how I make a traditional granny and becoming familiar with my method will help you be able to complete the CAL with ease.

Are there charts for the patterns?

Yes!  They are in the Kaboom ebook only. (Details of that up the page a bit)

Charts included in kaboom ebook by Shelley Husband

Will there be videos showing me how?

Yes!  Don’t worry, they’re not showing you every stitch of every part –  just the start and end of rounds plus the repeating part you need to know.  I’ve kept them as short as I can.  They’ll be linked to in all emails and blog posts.

How do I change colour?

I like to end one colour with a slip stitch and generally start the next colour with a standing stitch. Not sure what that is?  Check out my video explaining it here.  It’s easy 🙂

where to attach for r 4

My blocks are bigger or smaller than yours?

It really doesn’t matter because we are only making 1 pattern.  Your end result will be a different size as well, but unless you use embroidery thread or super duper bulky yarn, the difference won’t be that big. It really is ok.

What is blocking?

Blocking is a little trick that helps make your work look a lot better.  I do it very simply by pinning each block to a foam board and squirting it with steam from my iron. Job done!

These are from the Greg Mystery CAL

These are from the Greg Mystery CAL

How can I connect with others doing the CAL?

Lots of ways! It’s always fun to hook along with others, sharing your progress and having fun. Here’s a few links to the places you can do that


Yep – by doing this CAL, you’ll be in the running to win truly fabulous prizes. There are so many on offer!  I’ll be detailing how to win one each time I post a new part of the CAL.

Here’s what we have for you, in no particular order:

A Kaboom CAL Luxury Wool kit supplied by Bendigo Woollen Mills. Check out this post for the details how to win that one! Yay

A parcel of lil crochet notions and crafty bits and bobs supplied by crochyay boxes.

2 skeins (one for an international crocheter and one for an Australian) of  lovely 4 ply / fingering weight base of wool / bamboo / silk hand dyed just for CAL folks supplied by makebyxabeli

Some super massive scale yarn for European folks supplied by Woolly Mahooosive

2 super amazing Little Box of Crochet boxes supplied by Amanda Little Box of Crochet.

8 balls of delicious yarn in 8 colours from the Bellissimo 8ply range of extra fine Australian/NZ merino supplied by Gretas hand craft

A prize pack made up of Noro Taiyo yarn, Nurturing Fibres Super Twist sock pack, Amigurumi Home book & Knit Pro Hook  from Yummy Yarn and Co

A super amazing crochet pattern by Tanja Oswald

A wonderful knitting pattern by Dana Gervais.

Wow!  Thanks so much to all for donating such lovely surprises!

That’s it! (I think)

If I have missed anything, please just ask.  I will update this post with anything new I think everyone could benefit from.

So that’s it – time to go yarn shopping and have some fun!

xx Shelley