In a Spin Week 45

Hi folks 🙂

Our Op Art squares are so effective! Love it 🙂

By thecarlette on Ravelry


By me 🙂

How cool does this look! (Not a cal participant, but its so cool I had to share) Click the pic to see details of the projectThis week we are doing a lovely flowery Granny – it is spring where I am, so its appropriate for me at least LOL. The square is called Granny Square in Bloom by Natasja King.  Natasja has a really pretty blog called Crochetime. (In my head  am MC Hammer saying “STOP!” It’s Crochetime!”)


We are making a 15 cm (6″) block this week, so you know what to do. 🙂

Block 47 UK Version

Natasja has kindly given her permission for the UK terms translation you see here.  I do recommend visiting her US Terms photo tute for the non-standard stuff mentioned if you get stuck. 🙂

With colour A chain 5, slip stitch in first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 1, 8 dc in ring, slip stitch in chain. 8 dc

Round 2: Chain 1, 2 dc in each dc, slip stitch in chain. 16 dc. Fast off colour A.

Round 3: Join colour B. Chain 3 (count as tr.) *Popcorn stitch, 1 tr* Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch in chain. Fasten off colour B.

Round 4: Join colour C to any Popcorn stitch. Chain 1, 2 dc in same stitch. *Long dc in tr, 2 dc in Popcorn* Repeat from * to *.  Join with slip stitch in chain. 24 dc. Fasten off colour C.

Round 5: Join colour D to any Long dc. Chain 3 (count as tr). 8 tr in same stitch (9 tr shell made). *Skip 2 dc. 9 tr shell in Long dc.* Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch to chain. Fasten off colour D.

Round 6: Join colour E to dc of round 4. You will need to fold over the shells of round 5 in order to reach the dc of round 4. Chain 3 (count as tr). tr in same stitch. tr in next dc. *Chain 2, 2 tr, 1 tr*. Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch to chain.

Round 7: Chain 4 (count as tr plus 1 chain). *3 tr, 2 chain, 3tr* in chain 2 space of round 6. Corner shell made. 1 Chain. 3 tr in chain 2 space of round 6. Shell made. 1 Chain. Continue working *corner shell, 1 chain, shell, 1 chain* around in each 2 chain space of round 6. Join with slip stitch to chain.

Round 8: Continue working shells in chain 1 spaces and corner shells in chain 2 spaces around, each shell seperated by 1 chain.

Block 47 US Version

You can find the US terms here.  To add it to your Ravelry patterns, click here.


Once you’re done, join this one to your Windowpane square from week 43.

Don’t forget to share pics about the place so we can see how you’re going 🙂

5 thoughts on “In a Spin Week 45

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  4. Beebs

    Hi there
    I’m in Australia, so I use UK terms for crochet. The pattern above says it’s in UK terms, but it looks the same as the one using US terms (plus it’s using SC, which I think is my UK double??)
    Anyway, I’m a bit of novice, so I could be just completely confused myself, nothing to do with the terms!!
    Really like the squares, so I’m keen to figure it out!


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