How to get help with a crochet pattern

How to get help with a crochet pattern

We’ve all been there.  You are working away at a crochet pattern and you hit a snag.  Something doesn’t make sense.  You don’t understand an instruction.  You don’t seem to get the same stitch count.  And many more possibilities.  So what do you do? How do you get help with a crochet pattern?

How to get help with a crochet pattern

I am here to help and love helping you succeed with my patterns.  The thing is, sometimes the requests for help I get make it hard to me to help.  So, I thought I’d whip up this list of the steps to take and how to ask for help effectively that will save you and me some time.

Read the pattern in full

Yes, it’s a pretty obvious one, but you’d be surprised how often I am asked about things that are fully explained in the pattern or book.

If there is anything unusual or that I think you will need help with, I often provide help in words, photos and sometimes video linked to in the pattern.  I know other designers do the same.

Check for a glossary of the stitches and techniques used like this excerpt from my Manderley pattern.

Check the designer or publisher’s website

Often, designers and publishers have explanatory posts on their websites with commonly asked questions, posts explaining how and why particular things are done.  For example, if you’re new to my patterns, you may not have come across joining rounds with a stitch and working over a joining stitch.  I have a post explaining it here.

You may also find errata pages, particularly for books and magazines.  I have them for my books.  As much as everything is checked over and over by many sets of eyes, things slip through.

Check to see if the designer has a YouTube Channel

Many designers have YouTube channels where you might find help.  There may be a video of any special techniques or stitches they use.  I have a playlist on YouTube with short, quick videos of the stitches and techniques I use most often.  If I have done a video of a full pattern, it will be linked to in the pattern.

Check to see if the designer has a Ravelry or Facebook Group

Other makers of a pattern can be very helpful if you run into trouble.  If you ask for help in a designer’s community group, you will get expert help.  These folks have usually made more than one of the designer’s patterns and know how they work.  Personally, I have a Facebook Group set up specifically for folks to get help and share their makes from my patterns.

Contact the designer

I am always happy to help with my patterns.  I know a lot of other designers are too.  You will find my email address on all of my patterns.  Before you get in touch though, take a bit of time to prepare your request for help, as I explain in the next bit.

How to ask for help effectively

If you need help with a crochet pattern, emailing a designer or posting in a group with “I can’t do such and such pattern” or “I am stuck” is not going to get you the help you need.

When reaching out, provide as much information as you can to avoid back and forth emailing to get you going as soon as possible.

  • Start by saying what specific pattern you are working on.  If a designer has hundreds of patterns, they may need some help recognising what you’re working on.
  • Explain which part of the pattern you are having trouble with – state the specific the round, stitch combination, stitch you don’t know, etc.
  • Explain what you have tried.
  • Attach a clear, straight down photo of your work showing the part you have an issue with
  • Ask specifically for help. “Can you please explain XYZ?”
  • Bonus points for being polite!
how to get help with a crochet pattern

Personally, I just want everyone to succeed at my patterns. I am happy to help. Don’t feel you can’t reach out.

Here are some of the ways you can get help with my

  • check out my stitch and technique playlist on my YouTube Channel;
  • search here on the blog for what you need help with – I have posts explaining things like my seamless ways, joining, matching crochet gauge and lots more;
  • join my Facebook Group set up just for help with my patterns;
  • email me shelley @ (remove the spaces around the @)

I think that covers it all!

xx Shelley


  1. Heather Lodge

    Hi Shelley,
    I think you are amazing,your unconditional help,advise,and on line teaching is just the best ,I only just started crochet last year and really enjoy it,.I have recently purchased the Granny Square Academy,I can honestly say its the best thing I have done,I am sure I will improve to be able to make your beautiful designs,that I am wanting to do so much.Enjoy your mail,don’t stop.
    Love Heather
    Would love to buy you a coffee

    • Shelley Husband

      Aww! Thanks so much Heather! I am so glad you’re happy and making progress with your skills 🙂 You’ll be hooking away at more things in no time. I’m always happy to help.

  2. Debra Singleton

    Q Hi I need help with a pattern I am doing . I got a pattern off etsy and it’s called boho diamond afghan sold by vintage beso. I got to the part where you fill the center diamond. I M totally confused. I sent a inquiry to the sop I blue it from and wax told they just sell the pattern. So any help would be great.

    • Shelley Husband

      Oh gosh! Well in the case of really old patterns I think you may be best off looking for help in person with someone. Contact your local yarn store and see if they have a resident crochet expert who you can sit down with.

  3. Denise Bewry

    I have purchased Granny Square Patchwork book. I cannot find how many stitches to cast on. Using pattern Foundatipn page 20.

    • Shelley Husband

      Hi Denise.

      The written pattern and chart show you the stitches you need. The instructions in bold at the top of the written pattern tell you how to begin, in this case with a magic circle. Then you work the Round 1 stitches into that. The front pages of the book talk about how to read the patterns. Hope that helps some. Please reach out via email or in my Facebook group if you need more help.


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