Granny Square Patchwork

Granny Square Patchwork

My fifth book, Granny Square Patchwork was released July 2021 and you can order it now!

Granny Square Patchwork Book Cover by Shelley Husband

Granny Square Patchwork book by Shelley Husband

What is Granny Square Patchwork?

Granny Square Patchwork is my take on the tradition of fabric patchwork, but using granny squares.  I have designed 40 granny squares in six different sizes for you to play at patchwork with granny squares.

Granny Square Patchwork book by Shelley Husband

What is in the book?

Each of the 40 patterns is in written and charted format.  Plus there are 12 projects I have made you can make as well.  But that’s not all.  There is an abundance of help how to create your own granny square patchwork pieces.

While all the patterns are written for one colour, each pattern also shows at least 2 examples of colour changing options.

A full glossary of all abbreviations of stitches and techniques and chart symbols is included that explains all the things used in the patterns.

There is  a webpage for those who purchase the book to download the project planners, yarn information and other useful things.

Granny Square Patchwork book by Shelley Husband

Where and when can you get the book?

Granny Square Patchwork is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers around the world in both paperback and hardback formats, as well as ebooks.  For the Australians, you can get them from me direct – cut out the middle man!

Order Now

You can order the physical book from me if you’re in Australia or New Zealand.  If you’re elsewhere, you can order now from  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the like.  (Those links are for the USA.)    Search in your country for online book retailers and I am sure you will see it if not now, very soon.

4 granny square projects from Granny Square Patchwork by Shelley Husband

Ordering from me will mean you get to play with the digital version of the book straight away as you wait for the book to be sent to you.  If you order from elsewhere, you will also get access to the digital version once you get the book.

Some granny squares from Granny Square Patchwork by Shelley Husband

For Aussies and Kiwis, click the button below to order the book in paperback or hardback.

For those elsewhere, or those only wanting the PDF version, click the button below.

As soon as your order goes through, you will get an email with a link to download the digital version of the book.

Please note if you wish to purchase more than  one book in your order to save postage, head to my shop here to place your order. 

Granny Square Patchwork sampler with Shelley Husband in front

Thanks so much for your encouragement to get this done.  It’s been a huge team effort and this book is one I am very proud of.   My hope is that Granny Square Patchwork will be your crochet companion for a long time to come.