Giantess #quietcal 2018

Giantess has always been one of my favourite designs. I released it a few years ago now and looking at it, I could see it was a little over complicated and was just a written pattern.  I have wanted to go back an revisit it to a long time to make it more user friendly and I have finally done it.

Giantess crochet patterns by Shelley Husband

The patterns is now all revised, simplified and improved with charts, videos, special notes and a new border pattern. If you have already purchased the pattern, you should have received an email with a link to download the new version!  Yay!  (if not, please email me your purchase receipt or your paypal email address and I’ll sort it out)

Giantess by Shelley Husband

I am going to run a quiet, quick little CAL for my Giantess patterns.  It will be very low key and just for fun.  I will be sending emails only for it and not posting here on the blog.  To get those emails, you need to be signed up to my CAL email list.  You can do that here.  If you already get my weekly newsletter, click the update preferences button down the bottom of any old email and you’ll be able to tick the CAL email box.

CAL dates & how it will work

This will be a very relaxed CAL.  As there are so many options for layout and the squares are so big, what I’ll do is send a little prompt in a few weeks on  Monday 13 August when it’s time to start making your G1 squares then Monday 17th September, I’ll send another to invite you to start making your G2 squares.  Once you’ve had some time for that, I’ll send one more email on Monday 15th October to kick off the joining and border.


The main thing you need to know before we start our hooky adventures using Giantess is how much yarn you will need.

Well, you will need to decide on your layout first as there are so many options. I have provided 2 layout options using a single colour as follows but you can come up with your own.  All calculations here were made using Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarns.  If you use a different yarn, your requirements will be a little different, but should be pretty close.

Layout Option 1

Layout 1 is made using 16 G1 squares and 4 G2 squares.

Layout 1 total yarn required & size
4 ply (sport) cotton: 4,100 m (4,484 yds) and will be approx 144 cm (56.5″) square
8 ply (DK/light worsted) cotton: 4,750 m (5,195 yds) and will be approx 178 cm (70″) square
10 ply (aran/worsted) cotton: 5,550 m (6,070 yds) and will be approx 193 cm (76″) square

Layout Option 2

Layout 2 uses 6 G1 squares and 2 G2 squares.

Layout 2 total yarn required & size
4 ply (sport) cotton: 1,800 m (1,969 yds) and will be approx 89 x 103 cm (35″ x 40.5″)
8 ply (DK/light worsted) cotton: 2,300 m (2,515 yds) and will be approx 114 x 130 cm (45″ x 51″)
10 ply (aran/worsted) cotton: 2,650 m (2,898 yds) and will be approx 122 x 140 cm (48″ x 55″)

Your Own Layout

If you’d like to come up with your own layout, use the following figures for G1 & G2 to work out your yarn requirements. You could just use G1 or just G2 on their own or come up with your own ideas.  3 joined G1 squares equal 2 joined G2 squares, leaving lots of scope for other options.  Adding about 20 – 25% extra for joining and border will ensure you have enough.

One G1 uses;
4 ply cotton (sport): 145 m (159 yds)
8 ply cotton (DK/light worsted): 168 m (184 yds)
10 ply cotton (aran/worsted): 195 m (213 yds)

One G2 uses;
4 ply cotton (sport): 320 m (360 yds)
8 ply cotton (DK/light worsted}: 370 m (405 yds)
10 ply cotton (aran/worsted): 430 m (470 yds)

Other colour options

Of course you don’t have to do just one colour.  Here are some ideas for other colour ways.  There are a million other options, so feel free to play with colour as much as you like!

I changed colour every round for these 2, starting with blue.

In this G1 square I changed colours as follows;
Colour 1 : Rounds 1-6, & 14-19
Colour 2 : Rounds 7–13

In this G2 square I changed colours as follows;
Colour 1 : Rounds 1-8, & 23-24
Colour 2 : Rounds 9-12 & 20-22
Colour 3 : Rounds 13-19

So now it’s time for you to check your stash or go yarn shopping in preparation for the #quietcal.

I cannot wait to see all your Giantess creations appearing.  Please share your progress with me either by sharing to my Facebook Group or Instagram.  If you do, please tag with #giantesscrochetpatterns #quietcal and/or #spincushions  If you do that I won’t miss it 🙂

I have tried to cover everything I think will come up with the videos and help in the pattern, but if there is anything not making sense, head to the Facebook Group and ask there as if you’re having an issue, there may well be someone else who is too.  By helping you there, I can help others at the same time.

Not got the pattern?

Giantess is a paid pattern, and it will remain so for the CAL.   The patterns, videos and charts will only be available to those who’ve bought the pattern.  If you have previously purchased a copy, you should have automatically receive an updated version this week.  If you’d like to grab the pattern now you can do so below with 20% off if you use the code QUIETCAL. (valid until 17 August 2018)


If Giantess isn’t for you, I will be having my usual free CAL later in the year.  I’ll let you know about it once I have it all designed and ready to go.  I still haven’t had time to add to the 2 designs I have for it, hopefully I will be able to dedicate some time to it now the book is out.  I have now got all the yarn I need for it though so it’s creeping up my to do list – yay!  I can’t wait to start designing again.  It’s been a while and I miss it!

I hope you’ll join me in making some big, beautiful Giantess squares!  I’ll send you an email if you sign up letting you when to start making in a few weeks.

xx Shelley