Free Crochet App!

Yep – it’s true!  I have created a free crochet app that is your one stop shop for everything crochet by me – Shelley.

Free Spincushions Crochet App by Shelley Husband

You can get it from iTunes and Google Play and it’s absolutely free – both in terms of cash & ads. Yep.  Not a single ad.  Ever.

Here’s a screenshot of the main screen – see, any way you want to connect with me and what I do is there 🙂

Free App Spincushions Crochet by Shelley Husband

You’ll find easy ways to see blog posts as well as my Instagram, Twitter  & Facebook feeds, right from the app. You can get to my Pattern Shop and  Pinterest crochet board with a click and can see all my YouTube videos in the app and go watch them with a single click.

There will be 5 free patterns at a time in the app – accessible even without internet access. Once a month, I update it to remove an old one and add a new one.  If you download them to your device, you’ll have them though.

You can also email me from the app, share with with your friends and read a little about me. There’s also a message thing where I can tell you about anything new.

ebooks by Shelley Husband

You can even check out my ebooks from iTunes and Amazon right from the app. So cool!

Spincushions Crochet app

If you love it, I’d love it if you could leave a review for it.  Just head to where ever you downloaded it from and give my lil app a star rating or written review. Thank you!

Here’s those links again for where to get it :  iTunes and Google Play