Crochet-A-Longs (CALS)

I love a CAL (Crochet-A-Long) and I’ve run one or two a year for a while now.

Here’s where you can find them all.  Clicking on the CAL name will take you to the main information with links to all the patterns.

If you’d rather the patterns in a single document, clicking on the pictures will take you to the ebook version of the pattern with the exception of Beyond the Granny and In a Spin which don’t have ebooks.

2021 CAL

The Granny Square Academy CAL begins Monday May 10th!  Read about it here.

GSA CAL by Shelley Husband

2020 CALS

2020 was a year eh?  I did 2 CALs in the chaos for a bit of respite from the world events.

First up was the Manderley CAL.

You can find the Manderley pattern here.

Manderley by Shelley Husband

Once the second lockdown hit, I decided to run a 6 week CAL called the Low Key Lock Down CAL.  It was very informal!  No emails or particular pattern.  You could choose to make any pattern of mine and we shared our progress in my Facebook Group.   There were prizes too which was a bit of fun.

You can see what folks got up to in my Facebook Group by looking at the topic tag #lowkeylockdowncal

2019 CAL

The 2019 CAL was called the Beneath the Surface CAL and you can find all the information about it here.

2018 CAL

2018 Giantess Quiet CAL

Giantess crochet patterns by Shelley Husband

2017 CAL

2017 Mayan Crochet Blanket

Multi Mayan Crochet Blanket by Shelley Husband7

2016 CAL

2016 Kaboom Crochet Blanket

Kaboom Crochet Blanket by Shelley Husband

2016 CAL

2016 Fran Mystery CAL (not a mystery anymore!)

Fran by Shelley Husband

2015 CALs

2015 Greg Mystery CAL (not a mystery anymore!)

GREG Mystery CAL by Shelley Husband complete 2015

2015 Flowers Abound CAL

2014 CAL

2014 Beyond the Granny CAL

Beyond the Granny by Shelley Husband

2012/13 CAL

2012/3 In a Spin CAL (Note – some pattern links may no longer be free or available)

In a Spin CAL in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton

That should keep you busy!



xx Shelley