Crochet Kaleidoscope book Review

Crochet Kaleidoscope: Shifting Shapes and Shades Across 100 Motifs by Sandra Eng from Mobiusgirl Design is out now and I am so excited to bring you my review.

crochet kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng

Crochet Kaleidoscope By Sanda Eng

Let’s have a look at what is in the book.

What’s in it…

First up, there is a very informative introduction, giving you an insight into what crochet means to Sandra and her intentions for the book.  Here are Sandra’s words sharing her inspiration for the book;

I wanted to create shapes that could highlight the ways in which different combinations of colors, whether across a single motif or an entire project, could shift the appearance of the motif or project. In the same way that a twist of a kaleidoscope shifts what you see through the eyepiece, changing up yarn colors, or the order in which you use them, can alter the look of a crocheted piece.

Colour is so important to Sandra, and so it is no surprise that there is an extensive section covering colour choices with a lot of suggestions and guidance on choosing the right colours for your projects.  It’s very helpful!

Then, it is into the fun bit – the patterns!

Crochet Kaleidoscope is a book with 100 – yes 100 – entirely new and fresh crochet motif patterns.  The book also has 5 fun projects showing just how versatile the motifs are.

Each of the 100 individual motifs comes with alternate colour suggestions, sometimes more than one.

The motifs are many shapes including squares, circles, hexagons, triangles and other shapes.  Each of the patterns has a clearly written pattern in US crochet terms and a chart so you have the best of both worlds no matter your preference.

Photo by F+W Media.

The projects follow and include a rug, cushion, shawl, table runner and blanket. Each has every scrap of information about what you need to make the pattern.  I love how Sandra has used a variety of yarns for the projects, really showing the adaptability of the patterns used in the projects. I just love the Solstice Cushion – it’s a real statement piece – each side is wonderful.

crochet kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng solstice

Photo by F+W Media.

Photo by F+W Media.

After the projects the book wraps up with the important references – stitch key/dictionary, as well as extensive glossary and resources pages.

Last of all is a little information about Sandra and the Acknowledgements.  I love reading these parts of all the books I read – fiction and non-fiction.  And Sandra has summed up so well the sense of the community around her that helped her make the book a reality.  Lovely.

What I made…

So, of course I had to play with some patterns for my review. I tried 3 motifs and here they are.

First up, I chose pattern #60 from the squares section.  Squares are my thing so it was a given that I would make a square.

I chose this one for the novel way the central circle motif is squared off. That’s always the most fun bit for me as a designer, so to try a new way is really fun.  I love it!

Next, knowing that Sandra was a bit of an expert of overlay crochet, and not really having done much of it before, I tried pattern #18 from the circles section.

Boy was it fun!  Sure there are lots of ends but it is such a effective look and it makes you think!  I love that about a crochet pattern. Give me having to concentrate over mindless any day!  Such a fun result.

Last of all I tried pattern #97 from the other shapes section.

It’s so eye-catching. What a fun octagon!  It’s a really quick make too.  Way cool. It’d make a great blanket.

My Verdict…

Having read it cover to cover and making  a few of the motifs, I can honestly say this is a great crochet book!  Something that really stands out for me is the quality of the writing and not just of the patterns. All of the supporting words are just so well done.  It really is top notch.  The 100 patterns have something for everyone, from simpler to more complex motifs, all explored in colour really well.

Where to get Crochet Kaleidoscope?

You can order your copy from Amazon here.

A great book that would sit well in any crocheter’s library.  A wonderful resource I am super glad to have in my collection.

Thanks so much Sandra for the opportunity to review your wonderful book.  You should be very proud.

xx Shelley

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