Crochet A-B-Sea Book Review & Giveaway!

Corchet A-B-Sea by Pony McTate is a really wonderful new crochet book.  If I had to sum it up in one word that word would be fun.  Or maybe awesome.   And you can win a copy!  Yay! (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)

Crochet A-B-Sea

Let me tell you all about Crochet A-B-Sea.  It’s a book written by the fabulous Pony McTate.  I’ve followed Pony’s crochet adventures for a long time on Instagram.  She’s a super fun lady from New Zealand with a great sense of humour and real drive to create cool, fun crochet.

The Crochet A-B-Sea blanket is a collection of 26 fabulous and unusual sea creatures from A to Z joined together to make a baby blanket.  When Pony started sharing her sea themed creatures, everyone fell in love and was excited to see that the patterns would be released so anyone could make them.

I was lucky enough to test one of the patterns for Pony and chose the Deep Sea Anger to try.  I made it in odd colours as Pony needed them made in a specific yarn and I had blues on hand (surprise surprise!) so a blue Angler it was!

A little while later we got the exciting news that Pony was releasing all the patterns as a real physical book as well as an ebook.  Yay!  Having just done it myself, I knew just how much work that meant.  And what a book!  I got my special advance copy in the mail this week!  Let me tell you everything that’s in it.

The first striking thing you notice is the full colour inside cover photos of the finished blanket.  Such a great touch!  (Wish I’d thought of it for my book!)

The initial pages are filled with Pony’s introduction telling the story of how the A-B-Sea blanket came to be.  Then there is all the things you need to know – the abbreviations, UK terms are used in the book, with US terms equivalents listed, all the tools you’ll need, difficulty rating explanation , yarn info, measurements, gauge and hook size info and other ideas for what you can make (it’s not just a blanket).

Then it’s on to the how to instructions – all those things you need to know how to do.  They are explained well with step by step photos.  Some great ideas and tips are to be found here!

Next up is the fun bit!  The patterns!  This section starts out with the base square you need to make 30 of as the base of your blanket.  Then each creature has it’s own pattern.  All the creatures are made separately to the base squares and sewn on later. Each pattern lists the difficulty rating, yarn you’ll need, special notes about that pattern as well as photos to help you make the creatures.  Sprinkled through the book are also interesting facts about the creatures.

I want to make them all, but my time is a bit restricted for play at the moment, so I just made a couple of creatures for this review that tickled my fancy and funny bone.  I mean, could you go past a blob fish or tube worms?

After the 26 creatures, Pony goes into the finishing off info which covers blocking, sewing down the creatures, attaching a fabric backing, joining the squares and a border to really finish it off.

At the end, there is a long list spelling out each and every yarn, colour and amount needed for every pattern.  It’s a great list.  Then there’s a little about Pony and some thank yous.  (I was very chuffed to see my name in there – thanks Pony!)

So if you have a little person in your life and want to make something out of the ordinary that’s fun  and educational, well, look no further.  Crochet A-B-Sea is just what you need.

Where to buy Crochet A-B-Sea

You can order your copy of Crochet A-B-Sea here on Amazon  (or your local Amazon)

Win a copy! (now closed)

Pony has very kindly sent me a second book for me to giveaway!  Hooray!  All you needed to do to enter was comment on this post telling me your favourite sea creature.  I drew the winner at random on Monday 1st October AEST at 7 am.  And the winner was …. Natasha C!  I’ll email you about your prize now!

Good luck!

xx Shelley

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107 thoughts on “Crochet A-B-Sea Book Review & Giveaway!

  1. Laura Fraser

    I love them all, especially the tactile ones you showed today. The crab ? is my choice as it is my star sign and often overlooked. But the one in the book is very cute and friendly looking.
    Thank you so
    Much for the opportunity to win a copy of the book.
    Cheers, Laura

  2. Deborah Tenkate

    Definitely a sprinkling of ocean magic in this amazing book. The tactile blanket with little and big fingers tracing life in our beautiful seas. A timely reminder that we need our environment to continue to nurture these amazing living creatures.

  3. Melissa Russell

    My favourite would have to be the axolotl for they represent the wonderous & amazing biodiversity our beautiful blue home has to share. ?

  4. Bonita Dunne

    My favorite sea animals would have to be seahorses. The males carry the babies in their pouches! And as soon as they give birth to them, and then ready for a new batch of babies straight away!

  5. Evonna

    First Atlas patterns inspired by oceans of the world now Sea Creatures for the little ones what a wonderful display of Creativity ladies well done. I can’t wait to make the blanket for my great grand daughter and I’m sure she will like the Clown Fish (Nemo) as much as I do.

  6. Darlene O

    Oh, I think they are all wonderful – how to pick one – angler fish, seahorse, dolphin, sea turtle – I can hardly wait to make them all!!! So nice to be able to give a book away!! Great fun to win 🙂 Congrats to the winner!

  7. Jo Coombs

    I love octopus, squid, cuttlefish and find them fascinating to watch. I have crocheted simple octopi for new born babies as they love twiddling with the arms. 🙂

  8. Nikki Craycraft

    Right now my favorite fish in our saltwater tank is a little bicolor pseudochromis! He’s half purple and half yellow and I named him Jelly Bean. So cute!! For the patterns, I love ? the deep sea angler! It’s the one that immediately caught my eye when I saw the blocks altogether! Always reminds me of Marlin down in the depths of the ocean battling and swimming hard to not be eaten in Finding Nemo.

  9. Simmone

    I’m so excited to make this blanket!
    My favourite sea creatures is a soft shelled snail, well it’s kinda not a shell, it’s just its fleshiness in shell shape. This beastie lives in northern new south Wales at Hastings point.
    I did some reading about them after the first time we saw them & found they were not baddies so now when we go there I pat them.

  10. Melissa Rose

    I love the narwhal! Super excited and want to make one! The Jellyfish (as much as I really don’t like them) looks beautiful on the blanket as well!

  11. Mrs Kathy Dodge

    I love all the sea creatures.
    It is so hard to choose as they all have a place in the ecological system.
    I love the different colours which make up the sea.

  12. Terri

    That is such a cute blanket. Would love to have a copy of that very creative book, but would have to be digital as there is no mail here in Ecuador. My favorite fish is the Angler as I love the way he teases his prey in like a fisherman does with a lure on his line. Thank you for the opportunity to win this delightful book.

  13. Bron Lane

    These are gorgeous and so different to what I’ve seen before! I love things that are sea related and wouldn’t like to ever live far from the sea

  14. Debbie Slater

    This blanket is so cute and quirky. I have a baby boy due in Feband this could be just the blanket pattern I’m looking for. Love it.

  15. Helen Dangerfield

    This looks awesome and would be lovely to go with your book, I’m sure one of my grandkids would love me to make this

  16. Gaby

    All the creatures on this blanket are so cute. My absolute favorite is the sea turtle. It reminds me of the summer vacations I spend with my kids on an Island in South Carolina where we would get up very early in the morning to search for new turtle nests on the beach. On morning we were very lucky. We got to help the local turtle patrol relocate a nest from an unsafe spot to a safer location. One of my daughers helped to carefully bury the perfectly round eggs. We never got to see the empty nest after the turtle babies hatched and made their way to the sea because our vacation ended too soon. But I can imagine making a blanket in beach sand and ocean blue colors with a bunch of turtle babies, all heading out in the same direction to the moonlit sea.

  17. Guinevere

    This is such a cool looking book! I really love narwhals, as I kid I used to take my breaks at my first after school job, wandering the halls of a science museum. I could always be found at the narwhal tooth! I also have a strong love of watching jellyfish move, also any type of octopus! (My hair is very long & even when I try to keep it tied up, it manages to reach out & grab stuff. I call it my “octopus hair”!)

  18. Elena Benning

    I love how it puts tiny little guys like crabs and big narwhals together all in one blanket! What fun! I think the shark head is my fav. She does beautiful work, will definitely make some day (maybe after all my Christmas presents are done ?). Thanks for the great post!

  19. Amy

    I love this blanket! Nerdy and cute and fascinating all in one! I love orcas since seeing them in the wild near Vancouver, what an experience! I’d love to crochet the sea slug or the axolotl though!

  20. Sandra Lobb

    My favorite sea creatures are the turtles,seeing all the baby ones scrambling down the beach to the sea is beautiful

  21. Judy Hartwig

    Such interesting ‘fun’ designs, I know my grandkids would love the tactile, ocean themed scheme of this afghan.

  22. Terri

    This is an adorable afghan and would delight any child as an I Spy type of blanket. Would be great to have the book, but could only obtain if it’s digital as, believe it or not, where I live there is no dependable mail delivery. Wishing one and all the best of luck.

  23. Dianne

    Jellyfish is my favourite! I’ve always wanted to make one, never quite got there. It seems to me that it’s a creature that is true whimsy!
    I saw spotted jellyfish in a aquarium in ??. They were so cute! It’s on my shortlist to make. Hope I win. ???

  24. Carol Triat

    OMG such a beautiful book. I have five young grandchildren who would love these patterns. I love sea horses and the dolphin.

  25. Patricia Rand

    I would love to receive this as I have a great-grand-son due in April 2019 that would be a keepsake for him ,and I also would have the time to make it .As usual I’m giving all 5 grandchildren their own blankets with all being different . Thanks !

  26. Michelle Cotton

    I remember seeing the Angler Fish when you did it, so clever and unique. My son loves all things fishy so will definitely have to look into buying this book. Would love to win a copy though.

  27. Avery

    That blanket is absolutely stunning! It would be amazing if I could create something like that! My favourite sea creature is a Sand Dollar. I think they are so fascinating and I was lucky enough to find a whole one on our latest vacation. I was so tickled!

  28. Dianne

    I like all the creatures but if Ihave to choose one then The Great white shark is it because I just love those fabulous teeth.

  29. Colleen James

    Such a beautiful book, with gorgeous clear photos, thanks for your great review, my favourite sea creature is a mermaid, I love them, I painted one with a ship that’s on the wall as you walk in front nickname is mermie, short for mermaid as I swim a lot..thanks for a chance to win

  30. Emma Goslan

    I love the zooplankton. I loved following each sea creature on Instagram. The idea to make the creatures into brooches is amazing.

  31. Carol

    Ooh, how gorgeous. With a new baby due soon in the family, this would be a fab gift to crochet for them. Thanks for offering a copy.

  32. Sandy

    Such a cute idea – love the ocean Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. It would such fun to make an afghan like this, especially for a little one.


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