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Crochet A-B-Sea Book Review & Giveaway!

Corchet A-B-Sea by Pony McTate is a really wonderful new crochet book.  If I had to sum it up in one word that word would be fun.  Or maybe awesome.   And you can win a copy!  Yay! (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)

Crochet A-B-Sea

Let me tell you all about Crochet A-B-Sea.  It’s a book written by the fabulous Pony McTate.  I’ve followed Pony’s crochet adventures for a long time on Instagram.  She’s a super fun lady from New Zealand with a great sense of humour and real drive to create cool, fun crochet.

The Crochet A-B-Sea blanket is a collection of 26 fabulous and unusual sea creatures from A to Z joined together to make a baby blanket.  When Pony started sharing her sea themed creatures, everyone fell in love and was excited to see that the patterns would be released so anyone could make them.

I was lucky enough to test one of the patterns for Pony and chose the Deep Sea Anger to try.  I made it in odd colours as Pony needed them made in a specific yarn and I had blues on hand (surprise surprise!) so a blue Angler it was!

A little while later we got the exciting news that Pony was releasing all the patterns as a real physical book as well as an ebook.  Yay!  Having just done it myself, I knew just how much work that meant.  And what a book!  I got my special advance copy in the mail this week!  Let me tell you everything that’s in it.

The first striking thing you notice is the full colour inside cover photos of the finished blanket.  Such a great touch!  (Wish I’d thought of it for my book!)

The initial pages are filled with Pony’s introduction telling the story of how the A-B-Sea blanket came to be.  Then there is all the things you need to know – the abbreviations, UK terms are used in the book, with US terms equivalents listed, all the tools you’ll need, difficulty rating explanation , yarn info, measurements, gauge and hook size info and other ideas for what you can make (it’s not just a blanket).

Then it’s on to the how to instructions – all those things you need to know how to do.  They are explained well with step by step photos.  Some great ideas and tips are to be found here!

Next up is the fun bit!  The patterns!  This section starts out with the base square you need to make 30 of as the base of your blanket.  Then each creature has it’s own pattern.  All the creatures are made separately to the base squares and sewn on later. Each pattern lists the difficulty rating, yarn you’ll need, special notes about that pattern as well as photos to help you make the creatures.  Sprinkled through the book are also interesting facts about the creatures.

I want to make them all, but my time is a bit restricted for play at the moment, so I just made a couple of creatures for this review that tickled my fancy and funny bone.  I mean, could you go past a blob fish or tube worms?

After the 26 creatures, Pony goes into the finishing off info which covers blocking, sewing down the creatures, attaching a fabric backing, joining the squares and a border to really finish it off.

At the end, there is a long list spelling out each and every yarn, colour and amount needed for every pattern.  It’s a great list.  Then there’s a little about Pony and some thank yous.  (I was very chuffed to see my name in there – thanks Pony!)

So if you have a little person in your life and want to make something out of the ordinary that’s fun  and educational, well, look no further.  Crochet A-B-Sea is just what you need.

Where to buy Crochet A-B-Sea

You can order your copy of Crochet A-B-Sea here on Amazon  (or your local Amazon)

Win a copy! (now closed)

Pony has very kindly sent me a second book for me to giveaway!  Hooray!  All you needed to do to enter was comment on this post telling me your favourite sea creature.  I drew the winner at random on Monday 1st October AEST at 7 am.  And the winner was …. Natasha C!  I’ll email you about your prize now!

Good luck!

xx Shelley

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