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Beneath the Surface CAL – Part 1

Welcome to the Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket CAL! It’s finally here! Hooray!

Beneath the Surface CAL by Shelley Husband

I’m so glad to have you hooking along with us. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do so please make sure you check out the many ways to share and connect with others down the bottom. I’ll be watching ?

If you missed the preliminary info, you can read about it here. If you haven’t got your yarn yet, you’ll find the yarn requirements here.  All parts of the CAL will be linked to here.

Let’s get straight into it!

Part 1 – Plain Square

BTS CAL by Shelley Husband

You’ll need to make 18 of these Plain squares and join them into 2 strips of 9.  Leave these 2 strips un-joined.   Here’s a picture of the whole layout.

Beneath the Surface by Shelley Husband layout

The 2 strips we’re making are highlighted below.

Beneath the Surface by Shelley Husband Part 1


Click on your the button with your preferred terms below to download the Puff Square pattern.


If you can’t wait for the next part, you can grab the Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket Pattern as a PDF in full right here for A$6.99. Select your preferred terms from the dropdown box and you’ll be taken straight to checkout – you don’t need to have a Paypal account!  If you have an e-reader, an ebook version will be available soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks



Hints and Tips for Part 1

Stitches and Techniques

The stitches and techniques we’ll use for this pattern are (US/UK terms):

sc/dc  (YouTube Video)
hdc/htr  (YouTube Video)
dc/tr (YouTube Video)
htr/hdtr (YouTube Video)
tr/dtr (YouTube Video)
surface crochet (YouTube Video)
joining (YouTube Video)

Video of Plain Square

To see me making Plain square, check out the video here.  If you just want to check out the squaring off in Round 6, you’ll find that at about 6:30 minutes.

Magic Circle

I like to begin with a magic circle instead of chaining and making a loop to work into as you can pull it really tightly closed.  You do have to be very diligent sewing in your ends though so remember that if you choose to use a magic circle.

You can watch my YouTube video showing how here.

False st instead of ch 3 starting chain

For a more seamless look, I like to do a false stitch instead of the standard ch 3 starting chain. You don’t have to do it if the stating chain doesn’t bother you.  It’s really ok.  If you do want to, you can watch my YouTube video here.  It IS a bit fiddly when you first try, but I think it’s worth learning.

Super wobbly, not flat squares

Don’t worry!  Once you do the surface crochet, your squares will pull in to almost flat. A quick blocking will make them really straight and square.

This is perfectly normal! See my progress shot here?  Wobbly, then not so wobbly after the surface crochet, then lovely and square after blocking.

Surface Crochet

This may be something new to you, but it’s not tricky.  You can do it.  I find it quite therapeutic to do.  Such a gentle rhythmic action.  I have a video showing you how to do it here and it includes weaving in the ends.

Weave in your ends as you go.  Trust me on this.  Do you really want to have to deal with over 500 ends just from the surface crochet at the end?  I sure don’t!

When weaving in the ends, check your work from the front to make sure you can’t see the needle before you pull the yarn tail through or you’ll see your yarn from the front.

If you find your squares are still very wobbly after the surface crochet, try using a smaller hook to do the surface crochet. If you find your squares are pulled in too tight, try using a larger hook to do the surface crochet.

You will see the surface crochet yarn on the back.  Here’s what one of my plain squares looks like from the back.


After you’ve done your surface crochet, it’s a good idea to block your squares so they’re nice and flat and square.  Joining will help a little, but for a really crisp look, blocking is your friend.

I do it very simply.  I pin out my squares on those big foam mats intended for flooring and squirt them with steam from my iron and let them cool/dry.  These square tend to need a pin in each corner first, then a couple more on each side close to the corner to square them nicely.


Yes we are going to join as we make our squares so at the end, you just have the border to do.

BTS CAL by Shelley Husband

We are going to join our squares by crocheting them together. I have made a video showing how to do it here, but here’s the instructions in words for you.

Hold squares right sides together, attach main colour yarn with a standing single crochet/double crochet (US/UK) to both 2-chain corner spaces on each square at the same time. Work a single crochet/double crochet (US/UK) into both loops of both squares all the way along, end with a single crochet/double crochet (US/UK) in both 2-chain corner spaces. Fasten off.

Once you’ve made your 18 squares, join 9 of them into one long strip. Then make another 9 square long strip. And that’s it for this week.

BTS CAL by Shelley Husband

Hooray! You should have 2 strips just like mine below

BTS CAL by Shelley Husband


I am here to help you if you get stuck.  Check out the video of this pattern first as the answer you need may be there, but if it’s not, feel free to head over to my Facebook groupemail me or just add a comment on this post.

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Share your progress!

If you’d like to share your Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket progress and connect with others doing the CAL, here’s how you can do that:

So there you go!  I hope you enjoy making Part 1. It won’t take you long I’m sure. Don’t forget you can get the entire pattern now right here.

See you on 28th January with Part 2 of the Beneath the Surface CAL!

xx Shelley


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