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These are some hints and tips I’ve learned along the way. This crochet business is tricky sometimes!

How much yarn do I need?

How much yarn do I need for…..?

It’s a question I get often.  And I get it.  If you’re purchasing new yarn, you want to have enough yarn and not run out, just like you don’t want oodles left over.  If you’re wanting to use stash, you need to know if you have enough.

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Front Post Stitches – 4 ways to fix the dip!

I love using front post stitches!  They create such a cool effect.  Sometimes though, the pattern you’re using may cause the front post sittiches to dip in a bit along the edge.  I’m going to show you 4 ways to overcome the dip and have nice straight edges!

Front Post Stitches – what to do about that dip?

I’m going to use an example from my new pattern Killarney Cross.  It’s a relatively simple pattern with the main feature being the cross shape on each square.  That cross is made by the use of front post stitches.

Here’s what it can look like if you just do normal front post stitches without doing anything. It might not happen for you, it will depend on your crochet style. This will tend to happen more if you are a tight crocheter like me. I did exaggerate it a bit here for demonstration purposes. You can see what I mean about the dip I am sure.  Any of the four fixes below will help you go from dipped to straight edges.

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How to read my patterns

Hi folks 🙂

I thought it was time I explained how and why I write my patterns the way I do.  I’m not talking about my designs here, I’m talking about the format – the way they’re set out and why it is like it is.

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A knotty problem!

Hi folks!

Something a little different from me today.  We’re going to talk about something that can get some folks really annoyed – knots in balls of yarn.

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Cotton Yarn Test and Review – Part 2 Let’s Twist!

Hi folks!

Are you ready for the next instalment of my cotton yarn test?  It’s time to get all twisted and talk about the cotton yarns I tested and how they are constructed.  (If you want to read the overview of my test, click here.)

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Crochet Bags Tutorial

Hi folks 🙂

I love using up left over bits of yarn.  In the last year or so, I have made a few bags with my leftovers and I thought you’d like to know how I do it.


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