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A Market MADE in heaven + Win a pincushion!

This week has seen me reach some great milestones with my pincushions and to celebrate, I am giving away a pincushion! Details on how to be in with a chance later.

First though, I want to share with you my plans for the weekend.Tomorrow I am packing up my pincushions and heading over to the lovely coastal town of Port Fairy to take part in the Port Fairy MADE Artists Market.  Its a unique market where you will find some truly one of a kind wares, held 4 times a year.

I thought today I would share with you some of my fellow stallholders and their works.

First up is the super cute Pint.

Ernest T. Bear by Pint

Next up is Poesie (It’s French for poetry)

Emilia’s-Moccasins—Liberty by Poesie

If you are after some gorgeous journal action, then Luciandjoe is where to go

Handmade journals and paper goods by luciandjoe

The last I’ll share today is the work of Foxowlroad.  Oriel makes a variety of beautiful things.  Her felt stitchery is among my favourites though.

Hare wool felt Brooch by Foxowlroad

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!  I’ll take some pics and share with you the action next week.

Now, on to the giveaway!

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win, is sign up to follow this very blog.  Its open to everyone in the world too!  There’s a lil box up the top right to add your email address too.  I promise I wont spam you – you will only get an email when I post something new.  Of course, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.  I’d love you to stay, but if I am annoying you, then by all means hit that unsubscribe link in the emails.  If you are already signed up, then thank you and you are already in the draw!  I will be drawing the winner just before I post next Friday morning – Australia time.

Good luck!

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello my friends.  Its been all go here over the last week or so.  We are currently on school holidays and have been very busy.

So far, I’ve painted 3 bedrooms

They all chose a variety of blue

My eldest and I visited Melbourne and saw many sights

Such fun!

I managed some crochet on the train

Crochet hearts with my new bamboo handled hook – love it!

And I finished my basket weave throw I started last holidays!  I really love it and it works – I had an accidental snooze after lunch snuggled up in it. Some interesting facts – it weighs 1.4 kgs and took 2.4 km’s of wool!

All finished!

As for the kids, well they’ve been busy too.

Oldest Miss made this paper heart garland to decorate her newly painted room

Paper hearts

Middle miss is an origami master and she is making these for a garland for her room.  The tutorial can be found here.

Origami bows

And the youngest has baked the scrummiest gingerbread cookies.  They didn’t last long.

Cookies – nom nom

Apart from all that, I have a market coming up next week so I have been busy making pincushions.

Cherry Blossom inspired pincushions

Embroidered leaf mini pincushion

Next week, I’ll feature some of the other stall holders and you can see just how fab the Port Fairy Made Artist Market is going to be.

See you next week!

Wish upon a Dandelyne and Win!

I have something pretty exciting to share with you today.  Recently on instagram, I stumbled across the lovely Sonia, creator of Dandelyne. I fell in love with her 100% cute work.  We chatted a bit, liked each other’s work and have very quickly become insta-buddies.

Sonia - Dandelyne

The next logical step was of course for me to toss her some questions and feature her gorgoeus work here.  But that’s not the best bit – the best bit is a giveaway!  Sonia has very kindly offered to giveaway one of her lovely items to one of my readers.  How awesome is she?  Yes – pretty awesome!

But first, my sticky beaking into the world of Dandelyne.

What’s the story of dandelyne?

Dandelyne blossomed as a result of an embroidered/appliquéd family portrait that I designed, and made, in July 2011. My husband and I wanted something a little different from your large, family photographic portrait. So I thought … I should stitch us up (so to speak). I was so pleased with the result that I wanted to sew more. I began sewing and playing with embroidery again. I felt 100% alive and it was from this point that the dandelyne parachutes began to float …

Customised Family Portrait

Customised Family Portrait by Dandelyne

Your mini-hoops are almost as cute as your embroidery – who’s brainwave was that? They look amazing!

Yes yes yes … hands up it was me and thank you ^_^!

I will take credit for the actual brainwave but, I must hand the credit over to my delicious husband for the laser cutting. The production line of sanding, drilling and construction is a team effort between my husband and I. It is most definitely a labour of love.

Sonia at work on her mini embroidery hoops

Sonia at work on her mini embroidery hoops

Have you always been a crafty type? What was your first crafty creation?

Yes! Every since I can remember I have always made things. I remember mum heading off to work in the school holidays and leaving me with her sewing machine. Oh the joy! I would make clothes for my cabbage patch doll Fiona Crystal (I still remember her name – wow!). I would inspect my own clothes to see how they were constructed and then make mini patterns. I think my first crafty creations were Christmas presents for my family. I made white and orange polka dot ties for the boys and fabric covered photo frames for the girls. Very special indeed!    

Bunting Embroidery Hoop Necklace by Dandelyne

What do you make for you and your family? or do you get stuck just making dandelyne goodies (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes I know I forget about me & mine)

I like to think of myself as a bit of a crafty minx (wink) so I am continually making things for our home. Most recently I have made painted sticks to decorate the brick walls, curtains for the cubby, cushion covers, crochet blankets, aprons, bunting. You name it I’ll make it and if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll investigate how to. As a young girl I often dreamed of working on Play School and making all the props for the show. I thought that would be a dream job and I still do :-D!

Sonia in her Dandelyne Studio

Sonia in her Dandelyne Studio – I have studio envy!

Are your stitched folk based on real life people?

Each of my little people are based upon qualities I admire in family and friends, elements of life that I love and things that have been said by my boys. It is so much fun giving each of them personalities. As I sew it feels like I watch them come to life. Here are a couple for you to enjoy:

Billy is the sweet blond cutie with plaits. She is a jill of all trades. She has a black belt in karate. Her love for cake mixture exceeds eating the cooked option and she absolutely loves reciting quotes from Dr Suess books. One of her favourites, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Billy Mini embroidery Hoop Necklace by Dandelyne

Finn is the little spunk with white rimmed glasses. She absolutely loves to read stories by Enid Blyton. She also loves to paint and eat … wait for it … melted marshmallows in a biscuit sandwich. Have you tried this? Delicious and then some!

Finn Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace by Dandelyne

Finally Fletcher …. cute little Fletch wants to be a Monster Truck Driver. His favourite colour is gold and he believes .. NO HE KNOWS … his crown has special powers. 

Fletcher – Mini Embroidery Hoop necklace

What are your plans for the future of dandelyne? New ideas?

It is still such early days for dandelyne so I am extremely excited about the tangents that are possible. My head spins when I think about all the things I want to do and where I could end up. I honestly want to stitch up a storm. I am working on a new idea right now … are you ready … mini embroidery hoop rings – cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I am super excited about these so stay tuned for these cuties … and so much more! XO (Put me down for one of them Son!)

Here comes the sun Mini Embroidery Hoop Brooch by Dadnelyne

Where can we find you? 

At the moment I sell my products via my Etsy store and by word of mouth. Instagram has also been a great source of exposure and sales. My website is coming VERY SOON. I hope to be in MANY brick and mortar stores by the end of the year too. I have so many dreams for dandelyne so I want to be everywhere I can possibly be. I can also be found on Facebook.

Thanks so much Son for letting us into your bright and cheery world.

Now on to the giveaway!

Sonia has very kindly offered up your choice of her simply superb mini embroidery hoop hot air balloon necklaces.

Win one of these – the choice is yours, thanks to Dandelyne!

To win, there are no hoops to jump through (hehe). Simply leave a comment here and the winner will be chosen using  I like to think of it as blowing on a dandelion flower – who knows which one will be the one? Oh and its open to anyone in Australia, the world and the universe.  How cool is that?

Make your comment by 6pm Thursday 27th September Australian Standard Eastern Time.  The winner will be contacted that night and announced here next Friday.  Good luck!

Crochet as art

Hello my friends.

In my travels around the internet, I sometimes find something that takes whatever I am looking at to a new level.  You will be aware of my fascination this year with crochet.  Well, when I found these things, I felt so many things – awe mainly, but also wonder, delight and a huge appreciation for the work and artistic process that has gone into these wonders.

The first wonder of the art crochet world is Emily Barletta.  Emily is now creating wonderful images via stitching onto paper that I recommend you look at also, but I wanted to show you he crocheted creations here today. Emily also has a blog where she shares her art, both in progress and complete as well as other artist’s work she loves.

I just love the creature-like aspects of this.  Is it a malicious or benign being?

Untitled (green) by Emily Barletta

I love the  places this piece takes my imagination

Flesh Spot by Emily Barletta


I have also just found the work of Helle Jorgensen.  Helle crochets the most wonderful things using a variety of materials – from plastic bags to hemp cord.  She has a great tutorial on how to make your own plastic bag yarn too.

This one is made from plastic bags – love the title

The retail reef

The Retail Reef by Helle Jorgensen

Now I am sure many of you will have seen the amazing work of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.  I have been amazed by images of her work showing up on Facebook and never any information about who made these wonders or where they were.  So I had to find out.

Hakone sculpture park in Sapporo Japan

Amazing huh?  If you’d like to know more about her work, then visit The Playground designs blog, or The This Is Colossal Blog.  The most detailed info however can be found on The Knit Japan website.  The pics aren’t the best here, but the info is wonderful 🙂

See you next week.

I see a crafty time ahead

Its hard to beleive, but we are more than half way through another school term.  I know its a cliched thing to say, but its so true – Time flies! That means school holidays are closer to happening than being over!  Yipee!  I have wall painting plans, but I am already thinking of some fun things to do over the break.

Here are some great diy projects that I think we can do very easily over the next break inbetween painting walls

How’s this for fabulous? DIY Giftbags! Click on the pic & it will take you to the awesome Clare’s Craftroom blog tutorial so you to can make some.

DIY gift bag made from an old knitting book – geniius!

Continue reading

I did it!

Well I am finding it hard to believe I have made it to finally posting about this.  Way back in February, I started learning crochet again via the Spotlight Facebook Page as I posted about here.   They posted a new block every week for 25 weeks.  Well, that’s how it started out.  I soon moved over to the Krista Crochet Group on Facebook where a lovely lady re-wrote the instructions so they were suitable for absolute beginners with step by step photos.  Honestly, I could not have one it without her help.  Thank you Kim!

My original plan was to do 3 throws, once for each of my girls.  One was using up my very colourful stash, to other 2 in a lovely blue.  About halfway through, I discovered that my multicoloured one was going to look pretty hideous. There was simply too much variation in colour and texture, so I stated another blue one.  I keep using my coloured stash to do each square as well, and I will be using them to make cushions – eventually  (once I finish a few other projects lol)  Some of the pics here will be of the colourful variety.  You all know of my instagram love, so if you follow me there, you’ve most likely seen all this before.

Here is my very first square – back then, I wasn’t aware that there was US terminology and international terminology. This is done in US terms

Block 1

Block 2 was where the challenge began for me – not just granny trebles! (Don’t worry,  I won’t post a pic of every week) I used a differnt sized hook  for each throw as you can see.

Blocks 1 & 2

I learned so many tricks and tips along the way.  This was my first go at block 3.  I love the block,  but I did not like the way each round started in the middle of a side.  I did the following ones from the corners 🙂

Block 3 attempt 1

Block 3 worked from corner – much better!

I decided each of my three throws was going to be slightly different, not just in size.  I decided to join each row of five for each of the 2 smaller throws as I went using a different method each time.  Might as well extend the learning opportunities right?

2 different joining methods (I realised I was making a mistake joining one at a time after this & joined in rows of 5 from here on)

I was soon looking forward to every Friday and my new crochet adventure. I had worked out the US/International thing by now, so I had to increase my colourful blocks by a few rows to compensate.  All part of the learning.

Block 9 – time is flying by!

Block 11 – another I did subsequent blocks from the corner

About here is when I realised my multi-coloured throw was not going to be pretty.

Hmmmm Yuck!

Then, before I knew it, I was starting to think – oh my!  I have almost done it!

Block 23 – only 2 more to go!

And then, somehow, I had done all 25 blocks and it was border time.

Border time

So  by now, six months has passed and I can share with you my very first ever completed crochet throw!  Here is the first of my 3 Krista sampler throws. This one was made using a 6.5mm hook, joined by double crocheting from the back with right sides together.  Love this way to join the best.

Ta da!

Now, you may well be thinking, great job Shelley!  and I thank you for that.But here is what it really should look like.  This was made by the amazing Kim who re-wrote the Spotlight patterns for us.  She added some extra squares, a fancy joining method and an impressive border.

Kim’s Krista Throw

Now that is amazing!

Now on to the next project – or maybe finish some others first 😉