Giantess Quiet CAL

Giantess has always been one of my favourite designs. I released it a few years ago now and looking at it, I could see it was a little over complicated and was just a written pattern.  I have wanted to go back an revisit it to a long time to make it more user friendly and I have finally done it.

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Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Do you remember a review I did of a while back called A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley?  I made one of the shawls in the book and I still wear it a lot now.  It’s great.  So when Karen contacted me recently with the opportunity to have an early preview her new book Coastal Crochet I said yes please!

Coastal Crochet

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Granny Square Flair

Granny Square Flair

It’s done!  Hooray!  I am so pleased to introduce you to my very first print book!

Designing granny squares is my jam.  It’s what I love to do most and so my book, Granny Square Flair, has fifty 6″ granny square patterns for you to play with.

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White Gum Wool Wrapped Collection

Well this post has been a long time coming!  I can finally spill the beans! A long time ago, I was very chuffed to be asked to design a couple of pieces for White Gum Wool. If you don’t know the White Gum Wool story, I recommend you go now and read all about the fabulousness that is Nan’s farm which in turn creates one of the best yarns you will ever use to create.

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How much yarn do I need?

How much yarn do I need for…..?

It’s a question I get often.  And I get it.  If you’re purchasing new yarn, you want to have enough yarn and not run out, just like you don’t want oodles left over.  If you’re wanting to use stash, you need to know if you have enough.

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Amigurumi – free pattern to get you started.

Amigurumi! (Ami-goo-roo-me)

Amigurumi – yes that thing that so many people struggle to say.  That super cute way to crochet little creatures.  It’s something I’ve done here and there over the past few years.  My first forays into it was when I was the integration aide in a class of first year of school kids.  I  made them all a little monster creature for an end of year present.  (Please excuse the terrible photo – it was some years ago!)

amigurumi by shelley husband

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