Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Do you remember a review I did of a while back called A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley?  I made one of the shawls in the book and I still wear it a lot now.  It’s great.  So when Karen contacted me recently with the opportunity to have an early preview her new book Coastal Crochet I said yes please!

Coastal Crochet

Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley


Karen has created 12 wearables made for fingering weight yarns, designed to evoke the feeling of being by the coast.  Karen grew up near coastal shores and this has inspired the entire Coastal Crochet collection.

What’s in the book?

Coast Crochet has 12 beautiful patterns, each inspired by the Pacific Coast of the USA, Karen’s love of the coast and all it means – sand, sea, sun, and sky.  I can relate with my town being on the coast, albeit a different ocean.   You’ll find shawls, a scarf, cowl and matching mitts, a hat, a fitted tank t, jumpers and a cardigan.

Perspective from Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Perspective Shawl – Photo by Anne Podlesak

Each of the 12 patterns has a chart as well as the written pattern and notes to help you achieve the best results possible.  All special stitches are explained fully so there’s no guesswork involved with the patterns.

Some of the patterns have many size options, while others are one size fits all.  Karen gives you all the tips you need and recommends a gauge swatch to make sure your garments fit.

Beachcomber from Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Beachcomber – Photo by Anne Podlesak

If you know the most common crochet stitches, I am sure you could tackle any of the patterns. The book is in US terms, but as only the most common stitches are used, it’s easy enough to translate in your head as you go to UK terms.

Depths from Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Depths – Photo by Anne Podlesak

Karen explains how to substitute other weight yarns so you can make what you want with the yarn you want.

If you’d like to see more of the projects in the book, check out Karen’s blog where she’s got a gallery of book photos.

Mist from Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Mist – Photo by Anne Podlesak

What am I making?

I bought some 4ply/fingering yarn from The Purl Box at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show last year with the intention of knitting a shawl, but as I am still going on a very large knit shawl, I thought I’d see how it would go with one of Karen’s patterns.  The yarn is called “Eden’s Blend” in the Ghostwalk colourway and is made from 70% Bluefaced Leicester wool, 20% silk and 10% cashmere.  So pretty lush!  I only have one skein though so I’ve asked the Purl Box girls to bring some more to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show in a couple of weeks.

I am going to try my hand at Coastline which I think suits the colour yarn I have.  I like it because it’s long and drapey but with fitted cuffs so it doesn’t feel like a cape.  Plus, it’s worked in one piece, so no seaming – gotta love that!

Coastline from Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Coastline – photo by Anne Podlesak

I started with a gauge swatch, even though this is one size fits most, I wanted to check my gauge.  I know I am a tight hooker, but I haven’t checked my gauge for a long time.  I wanted to see if things had changed.  So I began with a 3 mm hook, then each yarn scrap mark you’ll see below, I went up a hook size.

It turns out things haven’t changed. I am still a tighty.  I needed a 5 mm hook to get the right across gauge.  I am not too worried about vertical gauge as I can adjust sleeves as I go and I like length.

I’ve started the yoke and I am loving it so far.  The colours are working so well don’t you think?

Where can you get a copy of the book?

You can order your printed or digital copy of Coastal Crochet direct from Karen here.  It’s also available on Amazon.

Coastal Crochet by Karen Whooley

Well done Karen on a lovely book of wearable crochet.

So there you go, another new crochet book for your crochet library.

xx Shelley

Granny Square Flair

Granny Square Flair

It’s done!  Hooray!  I am so pleased to introduce you to my very first print book!

Designing granny squares is my jam.  It’s what I love to do most and so my book, Granny Square Flair, has fifty 6″ granny square patterns for you to play with.

Granny Square Flair books by Shelley Husband


Granny Square Flair is an all new collection of 50 variations on the classic square crochet motif. With innovative techniques and inventive combinations of basic stitches, I have created what I hope will be a valued addition to your crochet reference library.

Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband

Each of the 50 square patterns is presented in both chart form and in written round-by-round instructions, so you can work in the way that suits you best.  I include full explanations of special stitches, along with tips for finishing your project beautifully. Every square is shown in at least 3 distinctive colour ways, inspiring your own colour exploration.

Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband

Granny Square Flair is not just a reference book. I have included full instructions for 11 beautiful projects made with motifs from the book. I also walk you through using the patterns to design your own projects, including estimating yarn requirements, combining patterns and colour inspiration.

Melbourne Wrap by Shelley Husband from Granny Square Flair (1)

Melbourne Wrap by Shelley Husband from Granny Square Flair. Awesome photography by  Jo O’Keefe.

To get the most out of Granny Square Flair, you’ll need to know the most common crochet stitches and how to read a written pattern or chart.  Anything out of the ordinary is explained of course.

Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband 2018

When is Granny Square Flair out?

The official release date is 20 July 2018.  I will be bringing some copies and all the projects to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show,  where I’ll be hanging out with Isabel and Nick at the Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill stand in the Osborne Building (just near the front gate).  I used some of their gorgeous yarns to make things in the book.  Make sure you drop in and say hello if you’re going to be there and squish some delicious yarn too!

Blues sampler blanket by Shelley Husband from Granny Square Flair (5)

Blues sampler blanket from Granny Square Flair. Photo by Jo O’Keefe.

Can I Pre-Order?

Yes!  You can!  It just depends where you are where you can do that from.  If you’re in the US, UK or elsewhere, pre-orders are available now from, and Barnes and Noble

If you’re in Australia, you can reserve your copy now below.  As a bonus, you will receive a PDF digital, non-print version of the book straight away and the actual book will be sent to you as soon as it is here from the printers. This pre-order offer is only available for Australian folks.  Postage of $5 will be added during checkout.

Can I  get a Digital Version?

If you’re only after a digital PDF version, you can get it now no matter where you are.  Today.  Like straight away.  Just click the button below with your preferred terms to grab yours and you’ll have it on your device in no time at all. Please note, this is not a print quality version.  If you’re after an ebook version for Kindle or Kobo, ibooks etc, it’s coming.  They’re not quite there yet, but they will be available soon.  Keep searching the stores and it’ll pop up eventually.

I can’t wait to share Granny Square Flair with you!

Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband

See it at a live event near you!

I am planning a bit of a tour with Granny Square Flair, doing workshops and book chats around Victoria and beyond.  If you know of a book shop, craft/yarn shop that might be interested in having me visit, please let me know.

Here’s a list of events planned so far.

Monday 9 July – Hamilton Wool and Craft Guild at the Yulecart Hall – Book chat and show and tell.

Friday 20 July, Saturday 21 July, Sunday 22 JulyBendigo Sheep and Wool Show at the Great Ocean Road Woollen Mill stand.

Sunday 29 July – 10 am to 5 pm. Portland Fibre Artists Market – Portland RSL, Percy St Building (Opposite carwash)

Wednesday 8th August – Workshop and Book chat/show and tell – Portland Library

Saturday 18th August – Workshops and book chat/show and tell – Mount Gambier Library

Wednesday 22nd August – Workshop and Book chat/show and tell – Joy’s Craftworx Percy St Portland.

Check back to see new events as they are organised!

So there you have it!  My very first print book!  I am so excited!  Watch this space for news on reviews and giveaways. Some super lovey folks have some fun things planned to help me celebrate.

xx Shelley

White Gum Wool Wrapped Collection

Well this post has been a long time coming!  I can finally spill the beans! A long time ago, I was very chuffed to be asked to design a couple of pieces for White Gum Wool. If you don’t know the White Gum Wool story, I recommend you go now and read all about the fabulousness that is Nan’s farm which in turn creates one of the best yarns you will ever use to create.

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How much yarn do I need?

How much yarn do I need for…..?

It’s a question I get often.  And I get it.  If you’re purchasing new yarn, you want to have enough yarn and not run out, just like you don’t want oodles left over.  If you’re wanting to use stash, you need to know if you have enough.

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Amigurumi – free pattern to get you started.

Amigurumi! (Ami-goo-roo-me)

Amigurumi – yes that thing that so many people struggle to say.  That super cute way to crochet little creatures.  It’s something I’ve done here and there over the past few years.  My first forays into it was when I was the integration aide in a class of first year of school kids.  I  made them all a little monster creature for an end of year present.  (Please excuse the terrible photo – it was some years ago!)

amigurumi by shelley husband

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Wool Gathering 2018 – what a fabulous time!

Wool Gathering 2018 just happened.  It finished yesterday and now I am home again and unpacked, it’s the perfect time to reflect and attempt to communicate just how fabulous I feel right now because of it.

Wool Gathering 2018

This event is the brainchild of Karen Prior, a super kind and awesome all round human.  She and Tom, the current custodian of Tarndie (the venue) combine their talents with the help of many other awesome folks to put on 3 and a bit days and nights of yarny fun.

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