Beneath the Surface CAL FAQ

This is where you’ll find the answers to a lot of the commonly asked questions about my CALs.  If I have missed anything, please shoot me an email with your query and I will add it if it’s a common one.  If you’re thinking it, no doubt someone else is too.  No such thing as a silly question!

General FAQ

What is the Beneath the Surface CAL?

This solid and effective looking, yet simple crochet blanket is the perfect way to build on your beginner crochet skills. For clear instructions and helpful how-tos, join me for the FREE Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket Crochet-A-Long!

What does CAL mean?

CAL stands for Crochet-A-Long where lots of people work on a pattern in stages at the same time. It’s fun!

What will The Beneath the Surface CAL make?

The BTS CAL will make a blanket. We will make one large 64″ (162 cm) blanket. The blanket is composed of 3 “small” squares and one large square with surface crochet in a contrasting colour.

The Yarn Requirements page has all the specifics regarding how much yarn you’ll need.

When will the CAL start?

The CAL will start on Monday 7th January 2019 and the last part will be posted on Monday 8th April 2019.

How will I stay up to date with the CAL?

I will be posting all patterns with tips here on the blog, but to get them delivered to your inbox and make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for my newsletter. Make sure you check the Beneath the Surface CAL box.  As an added bonus for signing up, everyone who is on the email list has the chance to win this super cute pin from Jodie Carelton.  I’ll be drawing a winner at random in the last week of the CAL.  Open world wide.

I’m a beginner, can I really do this?

I’m going to say if you’re willing to have a go you can.  I designed this project with the beginner in mind.  All patterns use mostly just the most common stitches.  Sure there will be new things to learn, but you can do it. Most rounds use just one stitch so you don’t have to keep looking up different stitches.

If you know how to do a granny square you really do have the skills to do this – honest.

Plus, I have made videos for all parts of the CAL so you can watch me do it and have a go yourself. AND I will be giving you lots of hints and tips with photos along the way. You’ve got this!

 Is it free?

Yes! I will be posting all parts of the pattern here on the blog and sending them to the inboxes of those signed up to get the emails.

You do have the option to purchase an ebook version that will have the entire pattern plus charts and you can pre-order that now. (scroll down for info or click here).

How much yarn will I need?

This yarn information provided is to make the sample as exactly as I have shown it.  Of course you are free to change the layout and size of the blanket to suit you!  Don’t want to make the big square?  Don’t!  Want to just use one of the small squares?  Fine!  Want to come up with your own layout? Go for it!

You will find all the yarn information on the Yarn Requirements page, as well as info on how to figure out your yarn needs if you are changing the layout or using a different yarn.


As we are not making a garment that has to fit, if your squares end up a different size to mine, it really doesn’t matter.  It just means your final blanket will be a different size too.

Not sure if this is for you?

Try the mini taster pattern and see how you go.  You can download it for free here.  It’s a fun way to try out different colour combos!

What size hook should I use?

I used a 5 mm hook with my 8 ply/DK yarn, but the recommended hook is a 4 mm.  I do tend to crochet tighter than most, but I also like the added drape you get using a bigger hook.

You can use whatever you like with your yarn of choice if matching my size isn’t important to you. Start out with the size recommended with your yarn and see how you go. Play with different hook sizes and see what you prefer.

My favourite hooks are Knitpro Waves and Clover Soft Touch.

crochet hooks shelley husband

How will it run?

Once the CAL starts, the scheduled Monday mornings (or Sunday afternoon/evening depending where you are) , I will email the new pattern part to everyone signed up the get the CAL emails.  I will also post the new pattern part here on the blog. Each of these methods will have a link to download the pattern part.

I will also post when a new part is available on my Facebook Page, my Facebook Group, and on Instagram 

There will be a project for the Beneath the Surface CAL on Ravelry once we start with links to the blog posts to download the pattern parts.

How do I download the Pattern Part from the Blog post?

Simply click on the “download now” button that has your preferred terms.  Easy! They look like this : (nothing will happen if you click on these buttons)


The pattern may download straight to your device or it may open in a new tab of your internet browser. Please make sure you have unblocked pop ups for my website or you may not see it.

If it opens in a new browser window, on a Microsoft Windows system, when you move your mouse, you’ll see some icons appear in the top right corner. Click on the down arrow to save it to your device or the print button to print it. If you use Evernote or Dropbox, you may see an option to save it there.  What shows on your device will depend on your settings. This is what mine looks like :

If you have an Apple device, I believe doing a long press on the open file will bring up a menu with an option to save to iBooks or similar.  (I don’t have an iPad or iPhone to check that for you, but that’s what our friend google tells me.)

Will the patterns be available in other languages?

Not this time I’m afraid.  Sorry.

Where can I get help?

So many places! Your first place to check is the blog post or email about the part as I will be talking about any tricksy bits and giving hints with photos there as well as linking to the YouTube video I’ve made.

If you’re still stuck, head to my Facebook Group, reply to a BTS CAL email, tag me in a photo on Instagram or reply to the relevant blog post asking your question and you’ll get the help you need.

I’ve joined late, where can I find the patterns?

Links to all the pattern parts will be on the Beneath the Surface CAL page or in the ebook you can purchase now (well soon).

Will the patterns be in the Spincushions Crochet App?

Kind of. Clicking on the Blog link will be the best way to use my Spincushions Crochet app to get the patterns. I can only add patterns by updating my app which I only do once a month. I have no control over the timing of when upgrades go live, so the blog link is your best bet if using my app.

Can I get the full pattern now?

Soon my lovelies, soon. I am putting all the parts together in one handy ebook. The ebook will have all the written patterns, hints and tips, round by round photos, links to the videos of every stitch used in the pattern. PLUS it has a special bonus of the full charts for the BTS pattern. These won’t be posted anywhere but the ebook.

You can pre-order the ebook now direct from me at a special pre-order price of A$5.99.  Doing this now will mean you get a link emailed to you early January to download the full pattern PDF with all the video links, hints and tips and charts!

The Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket Pattern will available in lots of other places as well, and I will add links as soon as it’s ready below.

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • kobo
  • Barnes and Noble

The pre-order price from me will be A$5.99. The price once the CAL starts will be A$6.99.

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate your support for my crochet design work ?

Pattern specific FAQ

What will be included in each pattern?

Each part of the CAL will have a PDF pattern available in either UK or US terms here on the blog and in the emails if you’re signed up for them.

This PDF pattern will include :

  • a clearly written pattern
  • round by round photos
  • link to video made by me of the part

You’ll also find hints and tips for each part of the CAL on the blog with photos so you will have all the help you need.

How do I read your patterns?

If this is the first time you’re using my patterns, have a read of this post where I explain my method and reasoning behind it.

Are there charts as well as written patterns?

Yes! They are will be in the Beneath the Surface Crochet Blanket Pattern ebook only. (Details of that up the page a bit)

Will there be videos showing me how?

Yes! Don’t worry, they’re not showing you every stitch of every part – just the start and end of rounds plus the repeating part you need to know. I’ve kept them as short as I can. They’ll be linked to in all emails and blog posts and posted on my YouTube Channel.

My blocks are bigger or smaller than yours?

It really doesn’t matter because we are making a blanket.  Your blanket may be different in size as well, but unless you use embroidery thread or super duper bulky yarn, the difference won’t be that big. It really is ok.

What is blocking?

Blocking is a little trick that helps make your work look a lot better. I do it very simply by pinning each block to a foam board and squirting it with steam from my iron. Job done! I made this blocking board myself by ruling lines on a foam mat. There are heaps of varieties of them on Amazon if you’d rather have a ready to go blocking board.

Any thing I’ve missed?

Shoot me an email with your question and I’ll add it here if I think it’s one that others may benefit from too.

I can’t wait to share my Beneath the Surface CAL with you!

xx Shelley