12 Months of Crochet with RedAgape book review

It must be the year for releasing crochet books!  I was very lucky to receive a copy of Mandy O’Sullivan’s new book 12 Months of Crochet with REDAGAPE last week.  I spent a lot of Sunday afternoon reading through and so today, I am going to let you know just what it’s all about.

12 Months of Crochet with REDAGAPE

12 months of crochet with redagape

Now if you are on Instagram, I am sure you are familiar with the super lovely feed of @crochetbyredagape Go have a look if not – you won’t be disappointed.  Mandy has the most amazing crochet space she calls The Hen’s Den and it’s featured a lot in the book.

What’s in the book?

The first thing I love about Mandy’s book is the hard cover.  It’s such a nice touch.  Once you open the book, you are greeted by a photo of Mandy in her Hen’s Den and her introduction talking about her inspiration and what crochet means to her.

12 months of crochet with redagape review

Then  it’s on to the extensive preliminary info – what you need, super detailed step by step photos of how to make every stitch and technique used in the book, instructions on how the patterns are formatted, what the skill levels are and the symbols used in the charts.

The next very helpful section is called “A Little Course in Colour”.  It’s such a problem for some people to choose colur, but with Mandy’s help, you will be confidently choosing your colour schemes in no time.  I love how Mandy gives examples of the things she talks about so you can really understand how colour theory works.

Then it’s on to the 12 Months of Crochet – the projects!

The projects are separated into the 4 seasons and each has 3 patterns inspired by the season.  You’ll find everything from blankets to cushions, bunting, a bag, coasters and place mats, potholders, a baby mobile and a wreath.  There really is something for everyone here.

Each pattern has all the yarn requirements in type and colour, size information, skill level rating, notes on special stitches or tips, clear written instructions, step by step photos and most have charts too.  Really all the support you need is right there on the page.

After all the projects, you’ll find the acknowledgements, a list of the months you can write your desired makes onto plus a list of the abbreviations and crochet symbols used in the book and a little about Mandy at the very end.

There’s a lot of fun packed into the 128 pages!

What I made

I have no business starting any new projects, but I still wanted to try something from the book so I could really test it out for you pattern wise.  While I love the Kiwi cushion you can see above, and know my teenager would love it, I just don’t have the time so I settled for making some flowers as used in the Spring Wreath and the Rainbow Posy granny square used in the Rainbow Posy Granny Square Cushion project.  As you can see, it all worked just fine!  Maybe I’ll make that Kiwi Cushion when I have some of my things all done.  We’ll see!

Where can you get it?

You can get a copy direct from Mandy here (it’s always a great way to support a designer by buying direct!), or Amazon here.

So many lovely crochet books around right now!  I think this one deserves to be in your pile too.

xx Shelley

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