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Hi folks!

This is where to find out about my Siren’s Atlas Collection.  I will endeavour to answer all your questions about the payment options, as well as the crochet specifics that might come up.  If I have missed anything, please just ask.  There’s no such thing as a silly question!

SIren's Atlas by Shelley Husband


What is Siren’s Atlas?

Siren’s Atlas is the name of a collection of 52 x 6″ crochet patterns I will be releasing in 2017. Every Monday I will be adding a new pattern to the collection.

All patterns are named after oceans and seas of the world, and the name Siren’s Atlas comes from me thinking about mythical Sirens and how they must have needed an atlas of maps of the oceans and seas to make their way about, seeking sailors to sing to.

Is this your latest CAL (Crochet-A-Long)?

Nope.  Sure you can treat it as such if you want, but that’s not my intention behind this collection. Think of this collection as a resource of 52 new 6″ crochet squares you can use however you like. Make a whole blanket with one pattern, use 4 or 5 patterns in different colour ways, file them away to use as you wish in the future. It’s totally up to you what you do with them.

I will be running a CAL in 2017.  Sign up to my CAL emails if you want to know when that’s ready.

Payment and Subscription Questions

What are my payment options?

There are 3 options – Pick and Choose, Monthly Subscription and Complete Collection. Here’s what each of those means ;

Pick and choose the patterns you want

Arafura by Shelley Husband


Each Monday of 2017 I will be adding a new pattern to the collection.  I will be adding each one to my Pattern Shop and Ravelry. You can purchase each one for A$2.95 as they are released, if they take your fancy.

To get an email when each new pattern is released in 2017 (as well as info about early bird specials pre 2017), check the Siren’s Atlas box when you sign up for my newsletters here.

Monthly Subscription

Siren's Atlas by Shelley Husband


If you’d like to sign up to get 4 or 5 patterns sent to your inbox, one a week each month, you can subscribe for A$9.95 per month.  In January, May, July and October, you’ll get 5 patterns, all the other months , you’ll get 4 patterns. You can cancel at anytime and sign up anytime.

You can subscribe right here, right now by clicking the button below with your preferred terms to be taken straight to Paypal to subscribe.

Spincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_buy now ukSpincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_buy now us

If you sign up mid month, you will have access to the last pattern released that month before you signed up and the future patterns that month.  So for example if you signed up in the first week of April on a Wednesday, you would have access to all April patterns and future months’ patterns as long as you stay subscribed.  If you signed up in the last week of April on a Wednesday, you would have access to Pattern 4 of April and future months’ patterns as long as you are subscribed.

April Pattern 1
April Pattern 2
April Pattern 3
April Pattern 4

May Pattern 1
May Pattern 2…..

If you want previously released patterns, you can purchase them individually from the pattern shop or Ravelry.

What if I miss a payment?

If a monthly payment is missed, the payment request is attempted every 24 hours and an email notification is sent immediately on payment failure, another after 2 days, another after 5 days and, on day 7, the subscription is cancelled.

How will the patterns get to me?

Every Monday in 2017, you will receive an email from “Spincushions Downloads” with a link to download the new pattern as well as all patterns you have access to.

Complete Siren’s Atlas Collection

Sirens Atlas Complete Collection by Shelley Husband

You can make a one off payment of A$99.95 and have access to all of the patterns, no matter when you sign up. That’s a pretty big saving! As each new pattern is released, it will be sent direct to your inbox.

Simply click on the button with your preferred terms to be taken straight to Paypal (you don’t need to have a Paypal account – you can pay with a credit card)

Spincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_buy now ukSpincushions_Buy Buttons-SHOP_R0_buy now us

No matter when you pay, you will have access to all pattern in the Siren’s Atlas collection.  So if you sign up after 2 Jan, 2017, you’ll be sent a link to all previously released patterns and will receive all future patterns from that date.

How will the patterns get to me?

Every Monday in 2017, you will receive an email from “Spincushions Downloads” with a link to download the new pattern as well as all patterns you have access to.

Gift Subscription?

Sure! You can do that for the Complete Siren’s Atlas Collection option.  All you need to do is send me an email telling me the email address of the person you’ve purchased the Complete Collection for, and I will update the email address the patterns will be sent to in 2017.

When will the patterns be released?

I will add a new pattern every Monday of 2017, beginning on the 2nd of January. The last pattern will be released a little early on Friday 22nd December as the 25th is Christmas Day.

Pattern & Crochet Questions

What crochet language are the patterns in?

All of my patterns are always available in both UK and US terms so you will always be comfortable working with your preferred terms.

What’s included in each pattern?

  • a clearly written pattern
  • a link to a private video of me taking you through each round
  • a chart
  • round by round photos
  • a hints and tips page with photos and explanations of anything unusual or a bit tricky
  • the written instructions that can be printed alone to save paper

Charts included Shelley Husband

How do I read your patterns?

If this is the first time using my patterns, here’s how they work.  This is the first 2 rounds from the written pattern for a traditional granny square, made my way :

Round 1

ch 3 (st ch), 2 tr, *ch 2, 3 tr*, repeat from * to * twice, ch 1, join with dc to 3rd ch of st ch.

{3 sts along each side and 4 x 2 ch sps}

Round 2

ch 3 (st ch), 2 tr over joining dc, *ch 1**, (3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr) in 2 ch sp*, repeat from * to * twice and from * to ** once, 3 tr in same sp as first sts, ch 1, join with dc to 3rd ch of st ch.

{6 sts & 1 x 1 ch sp along each side and 4 x 2 ch corner sps}

At the start, I will tell you how to begin the round, then you’ll see an asterisk.  This * indicates the beginning of a repeat.  Ignore it for now and keep working along until you get to the words “repeat from…”.  That is your cue to go back to the first * and repeat as instructed.  After the repeats are done, then I will instruct you to finish off the round.

When patterns are at the square part, the instructions between * and ** equal one side only.  The instructions between ** and * equal one corner.  So that means the instructions between * and * equal one side and the following corner when the pattern is square.

When patterns are round or other shapes, the instructions between  * and * equal a full repeat, and the instructions between * and ** are a partial repeat.

The words and numbers in the curly brackets { } are the stitch count for the round.  Check this every now and then to make sure you’re on track.

Granny Squares by Shelley Husband

Why do you start and end your rounds like that?

Check out my free Granny Square Crochet for Beginners ebook, my seamless crochet tips post or my YouTube video explaining it all if you are unfamiliar with how I write my patterns.  I start each round in the middle of the corner as that helps everything look pretty much seamless. Checking out how I make a traditional granny and becoming familiar with my method will help you be able to complete the the patterns with ease.

Are there charts for the patterns?

Yes!  Each pattern will have it’s own chart and symbol key.

Will there be videos for the patterns?

Yes!  They’ll be private though and only accessible to those with the written patterns.  Don’t worry, you won’t be watching me make every stitch of every block. I will just walk you through one side and corner or repeat and highlight any tricky bits.

Explain the Abbreviations list to me?

Ok so I organise my Abbreviations list by separating out the stitches from the techniques.  So if a pattern calls for fptr, the abbreviations list will show “tr = treble crochet and fp = front post”, but not “tr = treble crochet and fptr = front post treble crochet”.

The reasoning is that you will have enough knowledge to be able to put technique and stitch instructions together.  It saves on space too.   Say a pattern has fpdc, fphtr, fptr, fphdtr, fpdtr etc.  I can list each st on it’s own – dc, htr, tr, hdtr, dtr and fp as a technique.  Much  better than listing all the stitches as well as the fp version of them.

Techniques include, fp, bp, blo, flo.

How much yarn will I need?

Each pattern will have yardage information to make one block in one colour.  The yardage is most commonly about 40 metres, but some take more and some less.

BWM cotton

How do I know where to change colours?

That’s up to you. There are too many variables for me to account for, and I have written each pattern as if you are using one colour only.

In the videos, I will be explaining any changes necessary if you plan on ending a round and starting a new colour.  Generally, it’ll be a small change like going from “ch 1, join with dc” to “ch 2, join with ss”.

What yarn did you use?

In the 4 colour samples, I used Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in Turquoise, Aqua, Ice and Natural. You can get it via Love Knitting here , Wool Warehouse here or Amazon here.

In the blue single colour samples, I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton in Sky.

What size hook should I use?

I used a 5 mm hook with my 8 ply yarn for most of the patterns.  There are a couple I used a 4.5 mm hook and those patterns will have notes on them. I do tend to crochet tighter than most though, so you can use whatever you like with your yarn of choice. Start out with the size recommended with your yarn and see how you go. Play with different hook sizes and see which you prefer.

My blocks are bigger or smaller than yours?

All my blocks are the same 6″, however, it is possible for you to have small size differences as the patterns are all so vastly different.  You may work double crochets tighter or looser than I do and if there are a lot of them in a pattern, that small difference can mean a final size difference.

If a block is slightly smaller than the others, either blocking to size or adding a round of dc (UK )/ sc (US) will be all you need to do.

If a block is bigger, it’s usually best to leave off or alter the last round to a smaller stitch, or begin the square again with a smaller hook.

What is blocking?

Blocking is a little trick that helps make your work look a lot better.  I do it very simply by pinning each block to a foam board and squirting it with steam from my iron. Job done!  I block all of my work and while you don’t have to, there are some patterns that you will definitely need to block due to their lacy nature.

These are from the Greg Mystery CAL

The patterns have different stitch counts – how do I join them?

Use a method that accommodates differences like my favourite join – hold the blocks right sides together and dc(UK)/sc (US) through both loops of both blocks, using the same stitch as many times as needed on the shorter block.

You can see this demonstrated more fully here from my Fran Mystery CAL.

Where can I get help?

I am here to help you if you get stuck.  Check out the video of the pattern you’re having trouble with first and the FAQ’s above, as the answer you need may be in either of those places, but if it’s not, feel free to head over to my Ravelry group or Facebook group, email me or just add a comment on this post. I’ll update this FAQ post with anything new that pops up.

xx Shelley

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a small commission that will help me continue to design and provide new patterns for you.


8 thoughts on “Siren’s Atlas FAQ

  1. WolfLover

    If I sign up for the complete collection, will there be an e-book after all the patterns are released that can be downloaded, like your “More Than a Granny”, “More Than a Granny 2”, “Flowers Abound”, “Greg Crochet Blanket”, etc. , so that if I miss getting any in my email, I will be able to have them all in one place? I get tons of e-mail due to craft newsletters and Facebook notifications and I would be afraid that I could miss some of the weekly patterns.

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Hi Lynda 🙂
      I’m not planning an ebook for the Siren’s Atlas. You won’t need to worry about missing anything though as any of the emails for the complete collection will have links to all previous patterns to download. And you can always contact me for a resend of anything. 🙂

  2. Norma Herrera

    Hi Shelley! I just purchased the monthly subscription for Siren’s Atlas. Is there any way I can purchase the complete collection instead? I know you used cotton for this blanket is there any particular reason why? I’m interested in possibly using washable wool as I’ve not had much success with cotton, didn’t enjoy knitting with it. Is there a washable wool you can recommend? Or does this cotton behave more like a wool, if that makes sense.
    Thank you,

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Hi Norma 🙂 I will send you an email about the purchase – we can work something out 🙂

      I used cotton because it’s my favourite fibre to work with. I love the drape and soft feel of the cottons I use. There are cottons and there are cottons. Some I really dislike but the one’s you see me use are wonderful. And the stitch definition is amazing in cotton. That gets a bit lost sometimes in other fibres. There is no reason you have to use cotton though! That’s just my preference. You may find some size differences if you use other fibres, but nothing too drastic. I used Bendigo Woollen Mills luxury for my Kaboom blanket and it works up beautifully. It’s a lovely washable wool.

      I hope that helps some

      1. Norma Herrera

        Thank you so much Shelley for everything! Really excited beyond belief to begin Siren’s Calling!!! I’ve decided to to give the Pima Cotton a try and am excited about this as well. I fell in love with your color combinations as it reminds me of the different blues of the ocean.

        How many skeins of the “natural” would you recommend? And will two skeins each of the contrasting colors be more than enough? Or do you think 3 skeins? I know crocheting does used up more yarn and fearful of not having enough.

        Thank you again!

        1. Shelley Husband Post author

          Hi Norma! I am so glad you’re excited about it! I am too!

          I’d say about 2 skeins of the turquoise and aqua and about 3 of the ice and natural would allow you to make one each of the 52 patterns if you choose to change colours as I did. I think I’d do some of them differently if I did them again. I didn’t note as I went how much I used, but I think that’s pretty close.

          Yay1 Bring on next week!

  3. Ruth Wallis

    Hello Shelley, I absolutely love the Siren’s Atlas patterns but the last two I have had trouble with the download. Is there any other way I can access these patterns. I managed to download the first three. I an on a monthly subscription. Thank you so much for your help and keep up the wonderful work you are doing with designing. Regards, Ruth Wallis

    1. Shelley Husband Post author

      Hi Ruth.

      So sorry you’ve had troubles with the last couple of patterns. I have just resent your order email so please have a look and also check your spam folder if you don’t see it. Sometimes, the order updates are mistakenly marked as spam as they look so similar to the email robots. If that is what’s happened, adding the Spincushions Downloads email address to your contacts or trusted email list should fix it. Please send me an email if you have any further trouble and we’ll work it out. You can email me here.


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