Granny Square Crochet for Beginners Free PDF ebook

Free Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet a classic granny square? Well I have written this ebook for those who’ve never picked up a hook and yarn before.  It has very detailed pictures and explanations so you can learn how to make your very own granny squares read more

Kaboom Crochet Blanket

$5.99 The Kaboom Crochet Blanket Pattern ebook! Everything you need to know to make your own retro, rainbow colour explosion is included – clearly written patterns, round by round photos, charts, hints and tips as well as links to videos for each part.   Buy read more

More than a Granny ebooks Bundle

$11.99 Buy both my More than a Granny ebooks in one discounted bundle!  You”ll get 40 fun, new patterns to play with.  Of course you can choose UK or US terms so you’ll be comfortable using your preferred terms. Buy it now: Add to cart: Back to shop  |  View read more

FRAN Crochet Blanket Pattern

$5.99 The FRAN Crochet Blanket Pattern makes a unisex square blanket around 68″ across. If you’re a beginner wanting to create something new and exciting, this ebook is for you! Not only is each pattern written clearly with no guessing needed, round by round photo read more

GREG Crochet Blanket Pattern

$5.99 You don’t need to own a Kindle or any kind of e-reader as you can download a copy to your computer, phone or tablet because this is the PDF version of the ebook. The GREG Crochet Blanket Pattern makes an elegant square blanket around 50″ across. You can choo read more

Flowers Abound ebook

$6.99 I love designing squares. This is my second ebook in PDF format so you can read it no matter what kind of device you have. This ebook has 20 versatile, new fun flower patterns to play with.  Each makes a 6? block. You can choose either UK or US terms so you’ll be read more