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Buy both my More than a Granny ebooks in one discounted bundle!  You”ll get 40 fun, new patterns to play with.  Of course you can choose UK or US terms so you’ll be comfortable using your preferred terms.

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Product Description

I love designing squares so much, a couple of years ago I made a book of 20 patterns.  I have not stopped designing so have just released another book of 20 more patterns!  This bundle gets you both ebooks for a discounted price.

They’re available in either UK or US terms. You don’t need to own a Kindle or any kind of e-reader as you can download them to your computer, phone or tablet because these are the PDF versions.

All patterns make 6″ or 15 cm blocks. There are designs to suit any application you wish – a blokey blanket, mix and match flowers, solids and some to challenge you as well. I provide links to videos in the ebook to show you how to do any stitches and techniques you may not have come across before. The first book has had some great reviews such as :

Shelley’s thoughtfully written eBook has some really nice granny square patterns, and you get a full helping of Shelley’s experience and advice with it. The squares are designed to stretch your ability, and would be a great next step for the beginning crocheter. They are also all the same size so they can be mixed and matched to make an afghan. I think it’s really important to support indie designers who work really hard imparting advice for free and elevating the crafting community. I think this book has some great patterns and well worth the purchase. For some free patterns and lots of Shelley’s tips and tricks, check out her blog, Spin Cushions. It’s a great place to start and the reason why I am so confident in Shelley’s ability to write some awesome patterns. This is a fantastic book for crocheters of all skill levels. The book is full of beautiful pictures of all the granny squares, along with lots of helpful links to techniques you will need to complete the blocks. Shelley writes her patterns in clear and concise language with plenty of encouragement and design tips. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crochet! Really enjoying this. Excellent instructions, written in an accessibe format.Organised well and some nice handy hints. Highly recommended. Wish I’d had this book when I was teaching myself to crochet a few years back.

Check out the Pattern Shop FAQ if you have any queries or issues with ordering.