More than a Granny 2 ebook


More than a Granny 2 has 20 fun, new patterns for you to mix and match. Charts for every pattern are included as well as an extensive stitch dictionary with links to my YouTube videos of all the stitches and techniques you’ll need.

You can choose either UK or US terms so you’ll be comfortable working in your preferred terms.

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Product Description

You don’t need to own a Kindle or any kind of e-reader to have access to this ebook, as you can download a copy to your computer, phone or tablet because this is the PDF version.

Crochet is so much more than the traditional Granny Square. In this follow up to the ebook “More than a Granny”, you’ll find 20 new, fun versatile 6″ crochet patterns you can use to create modern, colourful crochet creations.

Charts for each pattern are provided along with detailed written patterns and an extensive stitch dictionary with links to videos of stitches by me.

This ebook has 20 more fun, new, versatile 6″ crochet square patterns you can use on their own or together to create modern, colourful crochet creations you and your family will love.

You don’t need to have the first book to make sense of these pattern – each book stands alone, but you can mix and match blocks from both books.

All patterns have been designed to be as seamless as possible – you’ll have to look really hard to see where rounds begin and end. Some creative techniques and stitch combinations make this a book full of truly unique patterns. Charts or schematics for each pattern are included along with clear written patterns so you’ll always know you’re doing the right stitch in the right place. Suggestions for pattern combinations are given as well as hints and tips.

Everything you need to know to successfully create every pattern is included, from very detailed instructions to the extensive stitch dictionary that includes links to videos by the author. If you know how to read a crochet pattern, then you will be able to make anything in this book.

Make blankets, throw rugs, table runners, baby blankets, fancy tablecloths and bedspreads for everyone in your family. Even the men are covered with some solid manly patterns.

It comes in either UK or US terms so you can be comfortable using whatever terms you like best.

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