Kara is a pattern from my Siren’s Atlas collection of 52 new 6″ crochet patterns.

Included is a clearly written pattern, chart, round by round photos and a link to a private video tutorial – everything you need to be successful making this pattern.


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Product Description

Siren’s Atlas is the name of my collection of 52 new 6″ crochet patterns I will be releasing (one every week) in 2017.

This is one of those patterns.

Here’s what’s included ;

  • a clearly written pattern
  • a link to a private video of me taking you through each round
  • a chart
  • round by round photos
  • a hints and tips page with photos and explanations of anything unusual or a bit tricky
  • written instructions that can be printed alone to save paper

You can purchase just this one by clicking a button above, but if you can get all the patterns in the collection via a monthly subscription here : http://spincushions.com/project/sirens-atlas-monthly-subscription/ or the complete collection here : http://spincushions.com/project/sirens-atlas-complete-collection/


Any questions about the colleciton? Check out the FAQs here : http://spincushions.com/sirens-atlas-52-new-6-crochet-patterns/sirens-atlas-faq/

3 thoughts on “Kara

  1. WolfLover

    I am still not able to find the link to click on to get the weekly patterns for those who have already paid for the full year subscription. So as of today, I am missing out on Aegean and now this one. Is there some secret that I have missed that allows me to find a link to go directly to a download link for those who have already paid?

    I don’t want to miss out on your beautiful, creative patterns.


  2. WolfLover

    Hi, Shelley~

    Just wanted to let you know that I just received the email with the download links to the patterns for the first 2 squares. I have now downloaded them without a catch. Thank you soooo much for getting this straightened out!

    Looking forward to so many more patterns for your beautiful squares coming as the collection for Siren’s Atlas continues. I’m very glad that I subscribed to the whole collection!


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