Hoya Hive Hexie Patterns


Hoya Hive is 2 patterns in 1!  There are 2 options for slightly different sized hexis. Each has it’s own joining method and there is an easily adaptable border so no matter how big or how you join your hexis, you can give it a cool border.

You can choose either UK or US terms.


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Product Description

Hoya Hive is named after the Hoya flower with a nod to a bee hive.

You’ll find 2 different hexies in this pattern. Option 1 is about 6” (15 cm) from point to point and is joined with a high contrast colour to really accentuate the hexagonal shapes.

Option 2 is a larger, 7” (18 cm) from point to point hexi that is joined in a seamless manner and has each block accentuated with surface crochet.

Each Option has it’s own joining method – clearly explained with pictures as well as words.

The pattern includes a simple border you can customise, regardless of how your decide to join your hexis that accommodates the odd shapes you can get on the edges.

The pattern is written for the 3 colour versions, as shown in the pictures of the completed blankets, but of course you don’t have to use these colour ways

The 14 page pattern has everything you need to create your own Hoya Hive blanket, however, to save on printing, the motif patterns themselves are on 4 consecutive pages with few pictures so you can print just the pages you need.

The pattern is available in both UK or US terms  – just choose the version you’d prefer.

Check out the Pattern Shop FAQ if you have any queries or issues with ordering.