Giantess Crochet Patterns


Large crochet patterns designed for the intermediate to advanced crocheter.  Lots of photos and tips included as well as joining instructions, a simple border and tips for great looking results.

The smaller block is 13″ and the larger is 20″. Choose either UK or US terms.

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Product Description

I designed these two related larger scale crochet patterns with the accomplished crocheter in mind.  If you like a challenge and something to keep you on your toes, then this one is for you.  I wouldn’t recommend this one for beginners just moving on from granny squares, but if you’re confident and willing to try, I am sure you can work this one out.

The pattern includes lots of notes and round by round photos.  I’ve separated the pattern instructions from the photos so you can save on printing and just print the instructions if you like.

I also include suggestions for joining and a simple border and some tips to help make your crochet look as good as it possibly can.

The smaller of the two crochet patterns is 13″, while the larger is 20″.  If you use my recommended joining method, 2 of the larger pattern is equal to 3 of the smaller patterns, so you can use both to make your blanket.

The pattern is available in both UK or US terms  – just choose the version you’d prefer.

Check out the Pattern Shop FAQ if you have any queries or issues with ordering.