Galapagos Blanket Pattern


Octagons and squares go together so well, don’t you think? The pattern is available in either UK or US Terms.  Just select the one you prefer from the box below.

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Product Description


I love playing with unusual shapes and so this blanket based on an octagon with small squares was born.  The name comes from the suggestion of Giant Galapagos Tortoise shell in the pattern.

I give you a lot of tips and pictures along the way to make it look the best it can be.

I designed it as a baby blanket, but of course you could make it any size by making more of the blocks.

There are 2 options for the border.  You can stop after a few rounds and have a notched edge or continue on and have straight edges.

You should achieve the same size with 8 ply yarn and a 4 mm hook.

The pattern is available in both UK or US terms  – just choose the version you’d prefer.

Check out the Pattern Shop FAQ if you have any queries or issues with ordering.