The 52 Weeks of Crochet Design Project – January 2016

Hi folks :)

2016 is the year of new designs for me!  Yay.  Designing is the thing I love doing most with crochet.  If there was such a thing as a mind reading publishing machine and I didn’t have to write, photograph, edit, test and publish, you’d see at least one new design every day. I would do it all day every day if I could.

But the reality is, I have a family and other life stuff to do and the things that come after designing take a very long time.  All this meant in 2015, I didn’t do as much designing as I would have liked and so my personal #52weeksofcrochetdesign project was born.

Each week, I am setting aside time to just design with no rules other than a 6″ square as the end result. This means I can experiment and play without having to think about other folks doing it too.  None of these patterns will be available until 2017.

I’ll be sharing each week’s design on Instagram under the #52weeksofcrochetdesign tag.

Here are my first 4 designs from January.  I eased in to it with a simple one to start out.

Week 1

The second week, I got a little bit experimental and did a fair bit of tweaking between my first and last prototype. I am really happy with the corners in this one.

Week 2

The third week I experimented with a different way to start.  I love it!

Week 3

The last week of January, I created this super duper textured block.  It’s so thick!  A blanket made with it would be so warm.  Maybe one day. I also found a different way to give the same look as working into the lbv.

Week 4

So there you have it.  Which one is your favourite?  I think 2016 is going to be loads of fun :)  

Knitpro Waves Crochet Hook Review

Hi folks!

I have spent a lot of time and effort finding the best crochet hook for me. I thought you’ be interested in a review of my faves.


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Reversible Crochet Patterns

Hi folks!

Reversible crochet is not often a thing. I love crochet, but sometimes I’m bothered by how the back looks so very different from the front. It’s not reversible. So I had a bit of a play and came up with 2 patterns that look pretty much the same on the back and the front. Win!

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Crochet Basket Tutorial

Hi folks.

Have you ever found yourself with loads of of balls yarn you just don’t love or want to use any more?  I have the perfect solution to use them all up at once!

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Crochet Bags Tutorial

Hi folks :)

I love using up left over bits of yarn.  In the last year or so, I have made a few bags with my leftovers and I thought you’d like to know how I do it.


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Hoya Hive Hexies Pattern

Hi folks.

Happy New Year!  I released this pattern about a month ago and forgot to tell you about it LOL. Oh well!  So this is my 2 in 1 pattern called Hoya Hive Hexies!

Hoya Hive by Shelley Husband Continue reading