Beyond the Granny Part 10

Hi folks :)

I hope you liked the flowers last time around.

Beyond the Granny Part 10 by Shelley Husband

This time around, we’re adding another 3D block with a stitch called “popcorn”.

How you’ll go beyond the granny this month

1. You’ll read a pattern

2. You’ll learn how to create popcorn stitches

How to create a Popcorn stitch

It’s really easy :)

The first step is to hook the number of stitches (usually tr UK, dc US terms) in the same stitch or space as the pattern directs.  In our case, we’ll be doing 5 stitch popcorns, so hook 5 tr/dc in the space or stitch :

5 tr in space

Then, you take your hook out of the last stitch and insert it in the top of the first stitch in our group :

hook in first loop

The last step is to pull the loop from the last stitch through the first stitch :

pull last st through first

That’s it, popcorn done.

popcorn complete

Popcorn Progression Patterns

As always, if you hit any snags, let me know & we’ll work it out together.

Popcorn Progression Written Pattern UK Terms By Shelley Husband 2014

Popcorn Progression Written Pattern US Terms By Shelley Husband 2014

Popcorn Progression by Shelley Husband 2014 3


1. Hook up at least 3 Popcorn Progression blocks.  Play with hook size, being prepared to add/leave off rounds as you go to get your desired size.

2. Play with colour. See what changing colour on different rows can do for the look of the block

3.  Join to your previous blocks if you’ve started joining.

Popcorn Progression by Shelley Husband 2014

We’ve only got 2 more patterns to go.  For the last 2 blocks, we’ll be experimenting with all the different sized stitches and combining a few of the techniques we’ve learnt along the way.  See you then!

Creative Blog Hop

HI folks.

Something a little different from me today.  I was featured last week by the amazing Maria of 50 Shades of 4 ply and asked to share with you the answers to some questions about my creative process and feature a couple of other folks.

Before I go on to the questions, I wanted to share with you the incredibly beautiful blanket Maria made with one of my free patterns called Shell Collection.

Just so lovely. Thanks for making my pattern look so good Maria.

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