More than a Granny 2 ebook coming soon!

Hi folks!

Almost 2 years ago now, I released my first ebook, More than a Granny.  You most likely know, my favourite thing to do is design new squares and rather than let them languish, it’s time to release another lot of 20 x 6″ new patterns for you to play with in a new ebook called More than a Granny 2!

The ebook will be available very soon for preorder from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.  If you don’t have an ereader, don’t worry as it will be available in PDF format in the shop after its released 7 August 2016.

More than a Granny 2 ebook by Shelley Husband

The exciting news is all 20 patterns not only have the written pattern,  but also the charts to go along with them!  Yay!  I do love a chart to help me make sure I’m doing the right thing in the right place.


Each Monday for the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to a few of the new fun patterns. Let’s go!

First up is Vanes, so named for the similarity to old windmill vanes formed in the centre. It’d look great as a blanket and it’s not too tricky at all.

Vanes from More than a Granny 2 by Shelley Husband

Next up is Mariella, named after a Kate Nash song I was listening to when I first designed it.  It’s not hard and I love the lacy look, but it’s still quite a solid block.

Mariella from More than a Granny 2 by Shelley Husband

Circulo is up next.  One of my favourite things to do is turn a circle into a square.  I love how this pattern looks as good in one colour as many.  There really are so many colour changing options for Circulo.  Fun times!

Circulo from More than a Granny 2 by Shelley Husband

The last pattern I’d like to introduce you to this week is Radius.  This really is an easy one to do and so effective.  I think this is one of my favourite blocks from the 20 in the ebook.

Radius from More than a Granny 2 by Shelley Husband

So there you have it!  I hope you see something you like! I’ll see you next Monday with introductions to another 4 new patterns!

More than a Granny 2 ebook by Shelley Husband

If you can’t wait, the first More than a Granny ebook is still available at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and even in the blog shop in PDF format.  As always, it’s available in both UK & US terms.

More than a Granny ebook by Shelley Husband 2014

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Sydney Free Pattern

Hi folks!

Are you ready for some more  Crochet-Along fun! I have loved seeing your take on my Melbourne pattern popping up about the place.

All the info and links to previous patterns for the CAL can be found on the CAL-Crochet-A-Long website.

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FRAN Mystery CAL – and that’s a wrap!

Hi folks!

Thanks so much for playing along with the FRAN Mystery CAL! I do hope you’ve enjoyed making your FRANs.  As more and more folks are finishing, I’m going to share some gorgeous FRANs here today.  I have loved seeing them all emerge!  So different and gorgeous! Also I announce the prize winners down below!  Yay!

Top left by Carolyn E, Top right by Caroline K, bottom left by Aissatou D, bottom right by Anna M.

Top left by Carolyn E, Top right by Caroline K, bottom left by Aissatou D, bottom right by Anna M.

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The 52 Weeks of Crochet Design Project – May 2016

Hi folks!

Where is the year going?  Wasn’t it just January? I guess time passing quickly means I’m busy 😉  May was a fun month for my lil personal design challenge.  (You can read about the details of what I’m doing here.)

May designs by Shelley Husband 2016 Continue reading

Melbourne Free Pattern

Hi folks!

Well this is all a bit exciting!   At the start of this year, I was asked if I’d like to contribute a couple of patterns to a CAL (crochet-a -long) being run by the Crochet-Along Group over on Facebook. It was such a pleasure to be asked and I’m in some very good company I can tell you!  Already 7 fabulous designers have posted their stunning patterns and now its my turn! There are some crochet superstars on the designers list – I am so honoured to be included. Continue reading

FRAN Mystery CAL Part 10 – Border

Hi folks!

Well here we are at the last part of the FRAN Mystery CAL!  I hope you’ve enjoyed making FRAN.

Today, we’ll add the border to our FRAN and she’ll be all done – hooray!

FRAn Mystery CAL Border pattern by Shelley Husband Continue reading