Flowers Abound Part 5 – Blodyn

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What did you think of Flor?  You did well from what I saw. Are you ready for Part 5?


Blodyn is Welsh for flower.  She’s a puffy one and pretty easy once you understand how it fits together.

Options for your flower colours are, as the pattern is written (pink flower), or continue to the end of Round 2 using the centre colour (the yellow and purple flower), or change to a second petal colour at the start of Round 3, or even use the same colour for the first 3 rounds (I forgot to do the last two sorry)

Blodyn options by Shelley Husband

The trickiest bit, and it’s not really tricky, is Round 3.  You will be combining 6 stitches together making a “tr6tog” (dc6tog US folks).  How you do it is, you begin a stitch as normal, but don’t do  the last yarn over pull through 2 loops.  Then you do that 5 more times in the next 5 sts.  You’ll have a lot of loops on your hook – 7!  You then do your last yo and pull through all 7 loops in one go.  I pull the loops up a bit as I do the yo and it goes through pretty easy.

tr6tog Blodyn by Shelley Husband

So on to the patterns – choose which terms you prefer :

Blodyn UK Terms pattern by Shelley Husband 2015

Blodyn US Terms pattern by Shelley Husband 2015

Have you started joining yet?  In case you missed it, I did a post about my plans including joining method and layout, you can find here.

If you need to check out any stitches new to you, have a look at my videos on Spincushions Crochet Channel.

If you get stuck, want some help, or just want to share your progress, head over to my Ravelry Group and I’ll pop in regularly to see how you’re going and help if you need it.

Have fun!  If you’re sharing your work on Instagram, tag your pics with #flowersaboundcal so we can all see what you do.

Flowers Abound CAL Joining Options

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Are you ready to start joining your pretty flowers?  I like to join squares as soon after they are made a possible.  It makes the job of joining less of a chore for me.

Flowers Abound CAL stacks by Shelley Husband

Now the plan I have come up with works for me and my colours. I was struggling to come up with a layout that worked.  My intention was to randomly join to have a riot of colour, but my OCD/perfectionist brain just wouldn’t allot it LOL.

My problem is I am using 2 different leaf colours.  No matter how I tried, I wasn’t happy with the look, so I have now decided to be a little more organised with just a touch of random. ;)

I am now making 6 of each block instead of 5, so I’ll have a 6 x 10 squares blanket.  I am going to have a row of each flower pattern, alternating the leaf colour in each row.  Each alternating row will reverse the order of the leaf colours so I’ll have diagonal stripes of the same leaf colour. The tiny bit of random will come in with the flower colour – I am going to try to not worry about the same flower colours being next to each other and have the flower colours in random order in each row. We’ll see how this goes ;)

Flowers Abound CAL by Shelley Husband (2)


So how to join?  I think a simple join will work best for our purposes as our blocks are all very fancy, so I am going to use my favourite method, dc (sc US folks) through both loops of both squares, with right sides held together. I love the flat look this gives.

through all loops

This is how it looks close up on the back and the front.  There is a ridge on the back, but I don’t mind that at all, and the front is lovely and flat.

front and back join

Make sure you begin and end in the 2 ch corner space on each block.  When you joinyour rows together, make sure you do one joining stitch in each 2 ch corner spaces again, ignoring the joined ridge as you get to it.  This creates a neat little square where your blocks meet.


So from now on, as we make each new pattern, I will be joining them in a row then adding that row to my blanket.


You don’t have to use my method.  There are plenty of options out there.  Any method that allows for differences in stitch counts will work fine. It’s purely by accident that all our blocks have had the same stitch count on the final rounds so far.  That will change with our next block. This post details how to work with different stitch counts and gives a detailed analysis of my method and a couple of other simple joins. For some other options, including fancier ones, check out this post.  (There is some cross over with the previously mentioned post.)

Flowers Abound to part 4 joined by Shelley Husband

Now as I said earlier, this all works for me.  I think if you have just one leaf colour, you can be a lot more random with your flowers and you may well have your own layout plan – totally cool. Go for it.  You may want to wait til the end and try your layouts then – again, totally up to you. I’m just providing the patterns, how you put it together is up to you.

Flowers Abound CAL by Shelley Husband

Hope that was helpful in some way.  I do have a plan for a border for the project, so once we’re done, I’ll be doing a post about that to wrap it all up.

Have fun!

Flowers Abound Part 4 – Flor

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Did you enjoy Hana?  I saw some beautiful flowers. Are you ready for Part 4?

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