UK/US Crochet Terms and a conversion chart for you

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Yesterday, I got to wondering about who uses UK terms and US terms around the world. I posted a picture on Instagram asking people to tell me what country they live in and which crochet terms they use.

Well, 171 comments (so far) later and I am more confused than ever LOL.  No not really confused.  I have come to the realisation that the internet really is making this world a much more interconnected place. :)  I lot of folks are learning how to crochet from YouTube where the majority of the instructional videos are in US terms.

People from 31 countries across the globe responded and while a lot of folks listed a definite preference for UK or US terms, the majority of people who responded are comfortable with both, being bi-lingual in crochet terms.

From my small survey, around the world, US terms are definitely the most common and popular. However, I did learn that there are other terms out there too such as Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and French – all of which are most similar to US terms I’m told.

I also learned that this statement is not strictly true, thanks to Hookawoolly and Samjaynestreet

US terms patterns have “sc” or single crochet as the smallest stitch.  The UK terms smallest stitch is “dc” or double crochet.

It turns out that “sc” also has, or rather had, meaning in UK terms.  This goes back to times before the internet when folks in the UK and colonies learnt crochet from their grandmothers and mothers. Books published in those days included a stitch called “sc” or single crochet. These days, we would refer to is as “ss” or slip stitch, as mentioned in this article : Crochet Me Slip Stitch or Single Crochet?  It appears that the term “sc” has been changed to “ss” in modern UK terms crochet patterns.

I came across this pattern by Lucy of Attic 24 that uses a slip stitch as “surface crochet” or “surface chain” – note the “sc” initials? It’s easy to see why crochet terms are so confusing sometimes. See the yellow chain-like stitches? That’s the bit. I think this pattern shows well what can be done with what was once known as “single crochet” in UK terms in times gone by. Mandala Wheel by Attic 24

Mandala Wheel by Attic24

I’ve created a little conversion chart for you if you struggle to work from your non-preferred terms which includes a picture with all stitches shown. Click below to download the PDF.

US UK Crochet terms Conversion Chart by Shelley Husband 2015

A while back I did a tutorial showing how to make changes to a pattern if you can’t do it in your head as you go.  You can find that here.

So there you go.  It’s a big world, but we can all speak the same crochet language no matter where we are :)

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