Block Bag

Hi folks.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a project featured in the May 2015 edition of Handmade Magazine – the first time I’ve had a crochet project in a mag!  Exciting!

May Handmade Mag cover 2015

I designed a bug chunky block bag using Bendigo Woollen Mills 10 ply Cotton double stranded so it’s really sturdy. My intention was for toys like wooden blocks and other toys that you trip over to be stored in it, but of course, you can use it for whatever you like.  I have it stuffed with projects and yarn here 😉

Block Bag Pattern by Shelley Husband

There are 3 motifs that make up the bag – a circle in a square, a square in a square and a solid square.  I used red for my central circle on one side for a bit of contrasting fun.


The pattern is available in the magazine of course – I’ve even see it in the supermarket here in Australia, but if you can’t get your hands on it, I’ve popped it in my shop in both UK and US terms.  You can go straight to the pattern by clicking here.

Enjoy :)

Flowers Abound CAL Part 6 – Fhool

Hi folks :)

I’m loving seeing your lovely flowers pop  up about the place.  This time, we have Fhool which is Hindi for Flower. We really are travelling about the world with this CAL aren’t we?

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Beginner Crochet Blog Hop

Hi folks :)

The lovely Sarah of Annaboos House has nominated me to be part of a fun new blog hop sharing stories of beginner crochet fails & wins. You can read her kick off post here. My story is a fail – I thought I’d turned into a win at the time – now I’m not so sure LOL.

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I’ve opened a shop!

Hi folks.

Well, this has been a long time coming, but I can finally announce my patterns – both free and paid – are now available direct here!  See that Shop tab above? That’s it.

To celebrate, I have added a new blanket pattern – Galapagos.

Galapagos by Shelley Husband Continue reading

Sometimes, bigger is better.

Hi folks :)

I have a bit of a crochet problem.  I crave something new to make – all the time.

This problem is evidenced by the blankets I have made in the past using all different patterns and the piles of designs I have made, scribbled down, just waiting for me to write up and release.

Just a few of the designs in waiting

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Flowers Abound Part 5 – Blodyn

Hi folks!

What did you think of Flor?  You did well from what I saw. Are you ready for Part 5?


Blodyn is Welsh for flower.  She’s a puffy one and pretty easy once you understand how it fits together.

Options for your flower colours are, as the pattern is written (pink flower), or continue to the end of Round 2 using the centre colour (the yellow and purple flower), or change to a second petal colour at the start of Round 3, or even use the same colour for the first 3 rounds (I forgot to do the last two sorry)

Blodyn options by Shelley Husband

The trickiest bit, and it’s not really tricky, is Round 3.  You will be combining 6 stitches together making a “tr6tog” (dc6tog US folks).  How you do it is, you begin a stitch as normal, but don’t do  the last yarn over pull through 2 loops.  Then you do that 5 more times in the next 5 sts.  You’ll have a lot of loops on your hook – 7!  You then do your last yo and pull through all 7 loops in one go.  I pull the loops up a bit as I do the yo and it goes through pretty easy.

tr6tog Blodyn by Shelley Husband

So on to the patterns – choose which terms you prefer :

Blodyn UK Terms pattern by Shelley Husband 2015

Blodyn US Terms pattern by Shelley Husband 2015

Have you started joining yet?  In case you missed it, I did a post about my plans including joining method and layout, you can find here.

If you need to check out any stitches new to you, have a look at my videos on Spincushions Crochet Channel.

If you get stuck, want some help, or just want to share your progress, head over to my Ravelry Group and I’ll pop in regularly to see how you’re going and help if you need it.

Have fun!  If you’re sharing your work on Instagram, tag your pics with #flowersaboundcal so we can all see what you do.