The 52 weeks of Crochet Design Project – April 2016

Hi folks!

I’m finding it hard to believe it’s May already! I am still loving my 1 new design a week challenge though  (You can read about the details of what I’m doing here.)

april designs by Shelley Husband

The first design to appear in April was Banda (week 14).  My goal with this one was to have a simple design to balance out some of the more complex stuff.  Sometimes, you want something easy to do, and I think this one fits the bill but it’s still interesting.

week 14 banda by Shelley Husband

Next up for week 15 was Scotia. I had a bit of a play with an alternative way to get the same effect as a popcorn.  I think it worked and I will use this technique again :)

Week 15 Scotia by Shelley Husband

I really went to town with “creative” crochet next in week 16 with Ionian.  The centre is really quite intricate and I love the cross shape overall.

week 16 Ionian by Shelley Husband

Last of all in week 17 Alboran, I tried a very old idea I first tried over a year ago that didn’t quite work then.  It works now and it really is a lot simpler than you might think.

Week 17 Alboran by Shelley Husband

So there you have it – April’s fun!  What do you think?  Is there one that speaks to you?

april designs by Shelley Husband 3


If you missed the posts the previous months’ patterns, you can find links to them here.

To see what I create as it happens, week by week, check out the Instagram tag  #52weeksofcrochetdesign

All of the patterns created during this project will be compiled into an ebook in early 2017.

FRAN Mystery CAL Part 5 – Kim

Hi folks!

Are you ready for the big sister? She’s really big!


The last of our squares is KIM.  Kim is Kindly, Impressive and Mesmerising and very very big – 9 small sisters = one Kim.  The stitches and techniques we’ll use to make KIM are the same as we’ve used in all the little sisters so there is nothing new to learn – you’ve got this! She’ll just take some time (and yarn!)

kim by shelley husband Continue reading

FRAN Mystery CAL Part 4 – Fay

Hi folks!

Well here we are at the last of the little ladies!

If you’re new to the CAL, links to all the info you need to know and links to all patterns are here.

Let’s get on to the next pattern – Fay.


Last of the small squares is FAY.  Fay is Formidable, Ambitious and Youthful.  The stitches and techniques we’ll use to make FAY are (US/UK terms):

We’ll need 9 FAYs to make our FRAN.


Click on your preferred terms below to download the pattern.

Fay UK Terms  Fay US Terms

Can’t read English patterns?  Well never fear as the Patterns are being translated into other languages thanks to a very dedicated bunch of volunteer translators.  The Hints and Tips are also being translated and will be added as soon as they’re ready.

Dutch Fay Pattern

(Danish, Finnish, German, Hebrew, and Swedish translations coming soon! and possibly another couple of languages!)


Stitch marker

As with the previous patterns, If you’re new to my patterns, or you’re a beginner, I recommend using a stitch marker (just a scrap of yarn will do) to mark where to place the firsts and last st/s of the rounds as it can be a bit tricky to spot if you’ve never done things this way before.

Front Post Stitches

You know how to do this now as we made them with Ann.  The only difference with Fay is the number of them – Fay has a lot more.  Here’s a reminder of my tips

  • pull up a longer loop than your normally would so your stitch is the same height as your other stitches.
  • folding your work will help until you get the hang of it

fay front post stitches

General Tips

Just like last time, keep an eye on the skipping stitches of Round 4. The main thing to watch out for is to only skip 1 stitch at the beginning of each side and not 2.  You’ll know if you’ve made a mistake because you’ll run out of room at the end of the side to finish it correctly.

Read about my seamless crochet tips or watched my video about it if the beginning and end of rounds is confusing you.

In rounds that begin with a sc/dc (US/UK), if you have trouble joining up to that first stitch, begin instead with a ch 1, then do your first stitch.  I don’t as I feel it adds a little bulk and detracts from the seamless look I go for, but I am a pedantic perfectionist and it may not be noticeable for you at all if you do the extra ch 1.  Do whatever is easiest for you. :)

Check your stitch counts regularly to make sure you’re on track.

If you’re changing colours, end you colour with ch 2 and ss join (or ch 3 if it’s at the end of Round 4) and attach your new colour to a different corner. It all helps the seamless look.

4 sisters Fran Mystery CAL


My Fay turned out at 6″ (15 cm) in 8 ply yarn and 7″ (a smidge less than 18 cm) in 10 ply. Your Fay may be bigger or smaller depending on things like your hook and yarn combo and your crochet style.  In theory, your Fay should be the same size as your Pam, Ann & Sue as mine were.

4 small sisters Fran Mystery CAL

If they are a bit different, don’t worry about it – it’s all good.  There are heaps of reasons why yours might be different. Let’s just fix it and move on. Here’s what you can do :

  • if Fay is too big, leave off the last round of stitches
  • if Fay is too small by a teeny bit, don’t worry – just block her to size
  • If Fay is more than a little bit too small, add another round of dc (UK)/sc (US) and/or block her to size.


Once you’ve made your Fays, give them a block. It really makes a difference.  Here is an unblocked Fay and a blocked Fay.

fay blocked vs unblocked


Hopefully, all will be just right with the patterns, but if its not, I will note here any changes and update the files for downloading.


I am here to help you if you get stuck.  Please check out the FAQ post as the answer you need may be there, but if it’s not, feel free to head over to the Ravelry group or Facebook group, contact me via the link up on the right near the top or just add a comment on this post. I’ll update the FAQ post with anything new that pops up as we go.

fay by Shelley Husband 2016


If you want video help, I made a Fay on Periscope here on or YouTube . I how you all the bits that might trip you up and give you tips along the way.


To be in with a chance to win one of the prizes on offer, simply sign up to get FRAN emails, if you haven’t already for the chance to win a Bendigo Woollen Mills $50 voucher or share your work in Instagram with the #FranMysteryCAL tag to have a chance to win a gorgeous skein of hand dyed yarn from Thimble and Purl.

So there you go!  I hope you enjoy making Fay. Just pop her aside once you’re done as we won’t need her for a while. We’ll get to joining soon I promise.  I’ll post the next pattern – the BIG sister – in 2 weeks time.

The 52 Weeks of Crochet Design Project – March 2016

Hi folks!

Well March flew by. but I managed to keep up with my 1 new design a week challenge. (You can read about the details of what I’m doing here.)

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FRAN Mystery CAL Part 3 – Sue

Hi folks!

Hooray! It’s time to make some new gals. I’m loving seeing your Pam and Anns getting to know each other 😉

If you’re new to the CAL, links to all the info you need to know and links to all patterns are here.

Let’s get on to the next pattern – Sue.


Next up is SUE. Sue is Sardonic, Ultramodern and Ebullient.

sue by Shelley Husband Continue reading

The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert Review

Hi folks

To follow on from my review of Jan Easton’s 200 Crochet Blocks book, I thought I’d do a review of one of my other favourite books of squares; The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert.

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