Creative Blog Hop

HI folks.

Something a little different from me today.  I was featured last week by the amazing Maria of 50 Shades of 4 ply and asked to share with you the answers to some questions about my creative process and feature a couple of other folks.

Before I go on to the questions, I wanted to share with you the incredibly beautiful blanket Maria made with one of my free patterns called Shell Collection.

Just so lovely. Thanks for making my pattern look so good Maria.

All the details about it can be found by clicking the pics above.

Ok on to the questions.

1. What am I working on?

That’s an easy one! I have a few projects on the go (who doesn’t?) The one I think you’ll be most interested in is this one

Flower blanket pattern in the design stage by Shelley Husband

I have a bit of work to do on the pattern as yet, but it’s coming along nicely.  I hope to release it very soon.  I will be having a naming competition over on Instagram with the chance to win the pattern when it’s ready.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write my patterns very thoroughly so there is no guess work involved. Nothing worse that having to stop and nut out what a pattern means by peering at pictures.  Each step is spelled out and I have my patterns tested so hopefully they are all plain sailing.  I have little rules for myself as well like to make things like starting and ending points as invisible as possible.   I try to do things in new ways.  I also like to play with shapes that are not ones you’d see normally.

Pentagranny Baby Blanket

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I cannot just sit.  I need to be doing something.  I guess the main reason I am always coming up with new designs is that I really, really dislike doing the same thing more than once.  Often when I am making something, new ideas, variations and inspiration hit.  I have to get them out of my head. Once they are done, that’s it,  I move on to the next idea.

To the Sea throw by Shelley Husband 20142

To the Sea Blanket

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I don’t really have a formal process.  I get hit with an idea and have to try it out.  Sometimes, I just keep going on it without touching anything else, other times (if they don’t work out ;)), I can put the new idea aside until the urge to try again hits.  I do have many notebooks on the go with ideas/patterns scrawled in them.

What I took when travelling recently – you never know when the urge will hit. Spot the knitting? Something new I’m trying my hand at.

So that’s it.  A bit about how I do what I do.

Time to pass the baton on to next week’s creative types. These clever folks will share their answers next Monday.

Please check out the amazing Danielle of byddhines who designs crochet patterns with an amazing level of detail.  I love watching her process over on Instagram.

Are you a leftie?  I cannot imagine how hard learning crochet would be left handed. Well Stephanie of A Bag Full of Crochet has done just that and makes some amazing things. Steph is also on Instagram.

Well that’s it from me for now.  Hopefully my next post will be a new pattern for you all :)


Beyond the Granny Part 9

Hi folks :)

Ready for the next installment?

Beyond the Granny Part 9 by Shelley Husband

This time around, we’ll be making simple petals.

How you’ll go beyond the granny this month

1. You’ll read a pattern

2. You’ll learn how to create simple petals

There are a lot of ways to make petals.   This is a simple one. The only bits that might be a little tricky are the petals themselves.  Once you understand how one is made, it will be easy I promise.  Just take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine.

Petal Play Patterns

As always, if you hit any snags, let me know & we’ll work it out together.

Petal Play Written Pattern UK Terms By Shelley Husband 2014

Petal Play Written Pattern US Terms By Shelley Husband 2014


1. Hook up at least 3 Petal Play blocks.  Play with hook size, being prepared to add/leave off rounds as you go to get your desired size.

2. Play with colour. See what changing colour on different rows can do for the look of the block

3.  Join to your previous blocks if you’ve started joining.

Have you started joining yet?  Not long to go now.  I haven’t decided what we’ll do next time. See you then with whatever it turns out to be.

Beyond the Granny progress by Shelley Husband 2014