Mernoo Hand Crafted Wooden Crochet Hooks

Hi folks.

I have something wonderful to share with you today.

Mernoo Hook in action

I was contacted a little while ago by Wendy to see if I would mind trying out some hooks her father had made as she thought others may well be interested in using them as much as she did. Well how could I say no?

Mernoo hooks testing

I fell in love.  Neil Goyen makes beautiful things.

Neil Goyen making a hook by Wendy Goyen

The story behind Neil’s work is lovely.  The wood source for all of the hooks so far is Murray Pine. Neil chose this wood because it has a ‘waxy’ finish and easier for handling textiles.

Mernoo Hooks 3

Neil has always been a wood turner – once making 200 lace bobbins for his wife Lyn when she decided to try her hand at that.  The crochet hook making began when Neil was given the task of making Wendy a tunisian crochet hook set . Wendy’s Mum Lyn was a weaver – an exceptional one at that – but sadly passed after a long painful battle with cancer last Feb.  It felt natural for Wendy to reconnect with her Mum by doing ‘crafty’ things they did together when she was in her teens.

Neil at work close up 2 by Wendy Goyen

Neil only wants to recoup the costs of making to keep himself in wood and donates all profits to Peter’s Project or the like. (Once I had tested the hooks, I found out that Wendy and Neil had gifted the hooks I tested to me. I have made a donation to Peter’s Project in return.)

Mernoo Hooks

Mernoo Hooks are available from 6 mm up to 12 mm and in a length you can specify.  I loved the one pictured on the bottom above the most.  It’s a 9 mm hook that’s 13.5 cm long and fits snugly in my hand when I use it either in knife hold or pencil hold.

knife or pencil hold mernoo hook

And hooks are not the only things Neil makes.  Neil can turn hooks from wooden objects or pieces of wood which  have sentimental value for people. Each of Neil and Lyn’s five daughters have a pepper mill turned from Lyn’s favourite loom. How lovely!  Such special keepsakes for the family full of memories and skills of both parents.

Turned bowl by Neil Goyen pic by Wendy Goyen

At the moment, Wendy is in the process of getting the Mernoo Hooks etsy shop up and running. It’s all new to Wendy.  She’d done a great job and it all works as I bought a hook for my friend Marianne of MaRRose  She’s on Instagram here.

Picture from Marianne’s Instagram feed – she got my parcel :)

So there you go.  I can recommend the hooks wholeheartedly.  Great for chunky yarns and they feel so good.  Thank you Wendy and Neil so much.  :)



Creative Blog Hop

HI folks.

Something a little different from me today.  I was featured last week by the amazing Maria of 50 Shades of 4 ply and asked to share with you the answers to some questions about my creative process and feature a couple of other folks.

Before I go on to the questions, I wanted to share with you the incredibly beautiful blanket Maria made with one of my free patterns called Shell Collection.

Just so lovely. Thanks for making my pattern look so good Maria.

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